Geekbuying is Celebrating its 9th Anniversary and Offers up to $99 OFF Discount

Global online retailer Geekbuying is celebrating its 9th anniversary this month. On the occasion of the holiday, the company announced attractive discounts and promotions on its website for a huge variety of products. In the “warm-up” week before the birthday – Geekbuying 9th Anniversary Warm-up Sale from June 9 to 15 – Geekbuyng gives consumers the opportunity to get a discount coupon up to $99, which they can use when buying electronics and other products from the online store. To do this, you need to register by email for the Geekbuying e-newsletter. From November 15, each customer of the online store can save $5 when purchasing a product at a price of up to $50 with a GKB9THAN coupon. Then, in the holiday week of June 15-22, shoppers can save another $94 with the registration coupon already received.

Go on Geekbuying 9Th Anniversary Sale Page

The best thing about Geekbuying is that MOST of these offers are from European warehouses, where the store’s real strength lies.

Roughly divide the thing into 3 periods:

  1. Early Access: 9/6 – 15/6
  2. Party On: 15/6 – 22/6
  3. Last Chance: 22/6 – 26/6

In short, the party starts today, on the 15th-22nd of the month we will cut the cake, and on the 22nd and 26th of June, the fat 35-year-old friends who will drink beers will be left.

If you want discounts in general, on the promotions page, you will also find the option to subscribe to the Geekbuying Newsletter, to win coupons worth TOTAL $99. If this suits you, you know that.

Some of the very interesting offers they sent us to include products such as:

Of course, whatever good they send us, we will raise it too; and I keep hopes for quite good things at very good prices.

If you are a fan of great sound, be sure to pay attention to these two sets of quality wireless TWS headphones, both models are in stock in Germany so they will reach your address very quickly and you will not have to pay any additional taxes:

Happy birthday to the entire Geekbuying team, and to experience 9 times 9 birthdays, and more! Visit the Geekbuying 9Th Anniversary Sale birthday page and take advantage of numerous discounts.

Go on Geekbuying 9Th Anniversary Sale Page

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