Buy BEZIOR S2 Off-Road Folding Electric Scooter For Just €939.99 (Coupon Deal)

With the spread of ELECTRIC SCOOTERS, we have seen increasingly advanced and faster models, able to compete with electric bikes… and more! The BEZIOR S2 is the maximum expression of this evolution, a scooter capable, do you think, of exceeding 60KM / H (but pay attention to safety) without any modification, are you curious? Let’s find out more!

Coupon Code: GKB695S
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The new BEZIOR S2 is a “racing car” with a considerable weight of almost 42KG; therefore not suitable to be closed and transported on buses and other public transport; at the same time it can carry up to 120KG MAXIMUM LOAD without any problem. Bezior S2 is an electric scooter with off-road performance, with fat tires and strong power that allows it to drive on complicated and rugged mountain roads. It has front and rear suspension with remarkable shock absorption. You can even sit on the scooter as it is equipped with soft leather seats.

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It mounts 11-INCH WHEELS suitable, thanks to their design; even for some small detours on dirt roads, a 21AH BATTERY with a lot of autonomy (the maximum km not stated precisely) and TWO POWERFUL 2400 WATT MOTORS able to push it, as mentioned at the beginning of the article; at over 60KM / H, using the controls on the handlebar we can choose to use only one of the two engines to save battery.

Certain importance has also been given to COMFORT; which can count on a more than wide CENTRAL FOOTPEG, two powerful FRONT / REAR LED LIGHTS, TRIP COMPUTER; FRONT / REAR SUSPENSIONS, SEAT (can be removed in a few seconds); LED for the signaling of our position to other road users and finally DOUBLE DISC BRAKE, with a small mudguard on the rear wheel. A vehicle with great attention to detail, therefore, even the stand comes with a spring for the automatic return; which will avoid unpleasant situations in case we start with the same down.

You can find this amazing BEZIOR S2 Off-Road Folding Electric Scooter on at a price of €939.99 with an incredible discount.

Coupon Code: GKB695S
Ship From EU Warehouse

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