NITECORE P20iX Flashlight Review: 4000 Lumens Generation X Light

Flexible and fast, sufficient brightness, one-key extremely bright, one-key burst flashing are the most notable features of tactical flashlights. If it can respond quickly to the brightness demand and have enough intensity for emergency use, it will be extremely practical tactical lighting equipment. This is also the tireless pursuit of NITECORE’s P series precision tactical flashlight performance.

P Series Flashlight

The generation is NITECORE’s current mainstream tactical flashlight series. The P20 is a classic model of NITECORE. It has experienced P20, P20V2, and P20i, and has developed to today’s P20iX. P+i dual-pronged launches promote continuous upgrades in luminous flux, range, and performance. Constantly breaking through the limits of performance, becoming the masterpiece of the I generation. A brief introduction to each performance hereinafter referred to as “NITECORE P20iX“.

Features of NITECORE P20iX:

Four eyes high luminous flux:

With a picture at the beginning, it is natural to understand why it is called “four eyes”. Four CREE Corey XP-L2 V6 lamp beads are used as the light-emitting unit of the P20iX. Generally speaking, the feature of the multi-eye flashlight is floodlighting. The colour temperature of the positive white light projects a whole piece of yellow, which is the actual light path when the lighting is used, and the light exit diameter is close to 25mm.

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NITECORE P20iX Germany

NITECORE P20iX uses reflection to guide light. NITECORE uses its own mature bright electroplating technology combined with digital precision optical optimization technology (PDOT) to manufacture a one-piece aluminium alloy glossy reflector. The floodlight luminous LED design and the concentrated glossy light cup make the P20iX have both the functions of focusing and flooding.

NITECORE P20iX United States

The glass surface of the P20iX lamp holder adopts a super-transparent tempered glass lens. It can effectively protect the lamp holder. At the same time, there is an anti-reflection and anti-reflection coating on its surface, which is light blue-violet at a certain angle. This processing method can increase the light output rate, and more light means brighter.

As a floodlight flashlight, NITECORE P20iX has a large spot on the wall. In the picture below, the lamp holder is about 30 cm away from the wall. The main spot in the centre is small and the bright diameter is about 6 cm. It ensures a good condensing effect. Although the second spot has a petal-like effect due to the four-eye floodlight cup. Its diameter is approximately more than 60 cm, and the brightness is relatively uniform. There is a transition between the main and secondary spots. And the layering of the secondary spot forms a transition zone with the environment. Comes with a soft and comfortable environment for auxiliary lighting.

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NITECORE P20iX Brightness:

The maximum luminous flux of P20iX is 4000 lumens. In an open outdoor environment, the divergence angle of the main beam of P20iX is about 10°, which ensures a certain condensing effect. The opening angle of the auxiliary spot is about 00°. The limit of the night is not very obvious, this is the remarkable lighting characteristic of floodlight. The light exits the tube very brightly, the brightness gradually decreases with the irradiation distance, and the irradiation range gradually expands with the distance.

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The P20iX also has an ultra-low constant light gear of 2 lumens. The benefits of this brightness will be known once you get up at night. The human eye does not need to adapt to the dark to the light. It will no longer be unable to open the eyes because of turning on the light. P20iX uses the current mainstream constant current dimming LED lighting circuit. There is no flickering and howling in each gear, which is very friendly to the human eye.

NITECORE P20iX Czech republic

Wide and Clear Effect:

I recommend floodlight flashlights, because the flashlight can bring a wide and clear lighting effect. The entire field of view is bright, and the distance of the human eye’s vision at night will not be Too far. A floodlight flashlight with large luminous flux and high brightness is enough, just like the P20iX.


The NITECORE P20iX has a large floodlighting area. Personal summary of the benefits of this type of lighting is mainly three points. First, the luminous flux is dispersed by a larger area. The light is softer, and the entire lighting area does not have too glaring reflections. Second, the large-area lighting does not need to be accurately aimed at the target. The entire open field of view is very clear, which is more convenient for large-scale search and use. The third is that the larger area covered by the lighting is dark, which can bring a stronger sense of security.

Although it is a floodlight flashlight, the P20iX also has a certain light-gathering ability due to the use of a glossy light cup. The above light spot on the wall also shows that the P20iX has a good condensing effect. Judging from the actual use, the range of more than two hundred meters is not a problem, and the large floodlighting makes it difficult for people to adopt because of the obvious junction of light and dark.

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NITECORE P20iX Two-stage tail switch:

P20iX adopts tail switch control, a dual-stage mode of main switch + auxiliary switch, which makes the operation more flexible and convenient. This is also the mature technology of NITECORE, which has been tried repeatedly on previous products. The main switch is a rubber cap design, and the auxiliary switch is a pressure plate design. By combining the two switches, a variety of light consumption methods can be realized.

NITECORE P20iX Malaysia

The two switches almost take up the area of ??the tail. The main switch is raised and is a positive switch. Tap lightly to turn on the flashlight, and press it again to make a “click” sound to achieve a full opening. The stroke of re-pressing is about 4mm. The trigger is sensitive and the damping is moderate. ; The auxiliary switch pressure plate occupies about half of the area of ??the tail, and the trigger stroke is about 1mm. The surfaces of the two switches have cross-line anti-skid patterns, which are not easy to slip when pressed.

Floodlight Flashlight

The reason why the tail switch is more popular is that it is convenient to quickly find the position of the switch and operate it by hand in the dark. Holding the body of the P20iX, the thumb will naturally fall on the position of the switch, and with the feel of the hand, the thumb can quickly change between the main and auxiliary switches, which is simple and easy to use, realizing instant response.

Two different Modes:

First, of course, the switch of the flashlight mode. NITECORE P20iX has two modes: daily use and tactical mode, the mode switching is relatively simple: press and hold the secondary switch, namely the MODE button, the flashlight starts to flash, at this time, loosen the tail cover completely power off, the main light flashes to indicate that it enters the “daily mode”, Flashing twice means entering “tactical mode”. In the dynamic picture below, the main light flashes twice, and the P20iX enters the tactical mode.

Tactical Mode:

So in terms of tactical mode, the sub-switch of P20iX is NITECORE’s patent-STROBE READY control system. In the shutdown state, as long as you hold down the secondary switch and do not let go. The P20iX will turn on a random frequency conversion flash of 4000lm; in the power-on state, triple-click the secondary switch to turn on the frequency conversion flash. In the tactical mode, press and hold the secondary switch. Random variable frequency flashing can enhance the instant stun effect. It is triggered at the touch of a button, enabling flexible and fast tactical operations.

NITECORE P20iX Austria

In tactical mode, the main switch of the NITECORE P20iX becomes a tactical switch. Lightly press the key to turn on the 4000lm ultra-bright lighting instantly. And it will go off when you release it; press again to maintain the ultra-bright lighting. Press the main switch again to turn off the lighting. This achieves a quick response to the user’s highest needs. The light as bright as daylight can be brought about by a move of the thumb.

Tactical Mode Light

P20iX has four constant-bright positions of 4000lm—high-bright 850lm—medium-bright 300lm—low-bright 50lm. Click the main switch to turn on the super-bright position. Then click the auxiliary switch and press from high to high. Shifting gears in a low order in descending order ensures that the tactical conditions of use are used up.

 Daily Mode

In daily mode, NITECORE P20iX has 6 constant light positions. Which are: Moonlight 2lm—low light 50lm—medium-light 300lm—high light 850lm—extra bright 1700lm—very bright 4000lm. Click the secondary switch to follow the above six levels. The sequential cycle upshift is more suitable for ordinary people to use. The operation logic is easier to understand.

NITECORE P20iX Saudi Arabia

Clicking the main switch will turn on the memory position. Then long-pressing the sub-switch will directly turn on 4000lm extremely bright. Ensuring that the highest brightness can be quickly emitted when needed. The previous brightness will be restored when you let go. Click the main switch again to turn off the lighting.

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NITECORE P20iX Compact and portable

The black and yellow hard carton packaging highlight the i-generation tactical characteristics of the P20iX. It is low-key, simple and calm, giving people a strong visual impact, and the main features and data are printed clearly. The surface is a flashlight UV impression. If it is not used for a long time, the storage and storage will be neat, and you can know which flashlight is at a glance.

Compact Size Flashlight


The empty barrel of the NITECORE P20iX weighs just 116 grams. Light is about 225.2 grams with the original 21700 battery and the standard quick waist clip. It is lightweight equipment. Light is usually placed in a bag or worn on the belt. It will feel too big and heavy.

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The appearance of the P20iX inherits the previous generation of products. It has a great sense of design. The tactical equipment is full of tension. There are various steps and levels throughout the body, and the chamfer is sufficient. The purpose is to improve the stability of the grip and the convenience of use. With a certain degree of ventilation, heat dissipation and perspiration effect, the appearance is just.

NITECORE P20iX Singapore

The aluminium alloy shell has good strength, texture and heat dissipation performance under the premise of ensuring lightweight. The surface adopts black military-grade three-level hard oxidation and anti-wear treatment, white laser engraving, highlighting the workmanship and quality, and has a delicate surface texture.

Clamping Slots

The P20iX has two clamping slots in the middle of the barrel, which can realize the two-way installation of the clamping clips so that the lamp head can be up or down according to the user’s habits. The width of the holding arm reaches 6.5mm, and the maximum width of the holding arm reaches 7mm. The stainless steel clip has good elasticity, and the holding is relatively firm and stable, which is convenient to carry and use.


Unscrew the tail cover, you can see that to match the two-stage switch, the negative pole of the P20iX uses three gold-plated elastic contacts to conduct electricity, reducing the internal resistance and voltage drop of the circuit. The NITECORE P20iX comes standard with a 5000-mAh custom 21700 lithium battery. The end surface is conductive, and the tail cover can be slightly loosened to achieve a complete power failure to avoid accidental opening.


The positive electrode inside the barrel also uses gold-plated springs to conduct electricity, and there is also a gold-plated negative contact ring on the outer ring. It should be noted that the custom battery is positive and negative in the same direction, and the top and tail have two levels of positive and negative, to be compatible with more tail accessory modules such as tactical wire control, so ordinary batteries cannot be used.


Flexible tactics

In addition to the charging cable, holding clip, spare rubber ring, and hand strap. The P20iX comes standard with a CR123 battery sleeve. It is also positive and negative, and there is also a tactical waist clip. In addition, a large number of tactical accessories such as rail clips, tactical rings, diffusers, traffic cones, etc. can also be selected.


The standard configuration is a waist clip with adjustable clamping width, the model is NTH20. There are a total of four clamping points, two adjustable stops. And the suitable waistband width is between 37~75mm, most of the waistbands Can be used.

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This NTH20 waist clip and P20iX work very smoothly. As long as you grab the tail of the tube and snap it outwards, you can quickly take out the flashlight to achieve one-key strong light suppression; after use, the lamp head is pressed down into the waist clip base, and the tube tail is facing the surface of the body. Once pressed, it is placed properly. After using it for a long time, the waist clip was not loose, and the barrel body showed no signs of wear.

Fast Charging

Everyone should have noticed that there is a small blue dot in the night shot above. This is also a thoughtful design of NITECORE. There is a blue battery indicator under the heat dissipation fin of the lamp neck of the P20iX. When the indicator is turned on, the indicator is always on to indicate that the battery is >50%, and the indicator flashes slowly to indicate that the battery is >10%. The indicator light flashes quickly to indicate that the battery is about to be used up and needs to be charged as soon as possible. Monitor the status of the flashlight at any time to ensure that the chain cannot be dropped.

NITECORE P20iX GeekBuying

NITECORE P20iX also has a power prompt function. Each time the battery is inserted or the power is cut off during charging, the indicator light will report the voltage by flashing so that the user can accurately grasp the power status. The indicator light flashes 4 times and then flashes once again, indicating that the voltage is 4.1V.

Actual Measurement:

According to actual measurement, the battery voltage is 4.08V at this time, and the P20iX battery indicator is relatively accurate.

It takes four and a half hours, the blue indicator light is always on, and the battery is fully charged. A total of 23.4Wh and 4840mAh are charged. To be honest, the charging time is not fast. If you use CR123 or RCR123 batteries, do not use a flashlight to charge directly.

NITECORE P20iX Banggood

The NITECORE P20iX charging port adopts a three-room design protective cover. It can block sand and dust, waterproof, and also prevent external impact from damaging the charging port. Electronic products with IP68 have the highest dust-proof and waterproof level, and the ability to withstand drops of up to 2 meters. It can be used with confidence in various harsh weather conditions and various harsh tactical use environments without fear of damage.

High brightness and long battery life

Use the illuminance meter to connect to the computer to draw the picture. The lamp head is about half a meter away from the illuminance meter. At the same time, connect a dual-channel thermocouple to measure the temperature, and use a fully charged original lithium battery for testing.

Clamping slots

Adjust the P20iX to the daily mode, the 6 always-on positions can be turned on. And the illuminance value corresponding to the luminous flux of each gear is shown in the figure below, and the ratio is roughly equal. The distribution of the six steps is more even, ensuring different needs.

After opening the ultra-bright gear of 400lm, the linear downshift starts in about 35 seconds. After the downshift, the illuminance is consistent with the illuminance of the ultra-bright gear of 1700lm, and a good horizontal constant current output is maintained thereafter.

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NITECORE P20iX Netherland

High performance for daily use

I like to stay away from the city lights at night and watch a beam of light cover the road ahead. No matter the mountains and rivers, it can give people confidence and warmth. P20iX has four eyes with large luminous flux output, clear and wide floodlighting. High-power output with long battery life, obvious effect of the temperature control circuit, tactical one-key flash and one-key extremely bright, two modes of use. It is indeed home outdoor, military Excellent lighting equipment used in police patrols, patrols, search and rescue scenes.

Coupled with a compact and portable body, flexible gear operation, comfortable grip, rich functional accessories, and high-value appearance design, take advantage of the 618 activities, hurry up and illuminate the future.

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