Teclast A60 Pro Power bank now available at just $82.99

On March 1st 2021, market have witnessed the launch of the biggest Power bank. Teclast is the brand which have come up with the new power bank with the name of Teclast A60 Pro Power Bank. The motive to write this news is the Fast charging 2 input and 4 output external powers. This is the first power bank which comes up with the 2-power input. And the output power supply allow users to give the perfect charging to the iPhone 12 Pro Max, Samsung Galaxy NoteS20 Ultra and Huawei Mate 40. In all we can say the Teclast 57000 mAh power bank is the best for all the smartphones.

Features of Teclast A60 Pro Power Bank:


The Teclast A60 Pro Power bank is the best gadgets from Chinese market to help customers. The Power Bank will become a best companion when you are out for long time. The power bank will run the smartphone for a long time also when there is a long power cut, as we have noticed few days back in USA after the hail storm, all thanks to the 57,000mAh power.

Teclast A60 Pro Power bank

The down side of the power bank is the size. In the leaks we noticed that it was the joke that the power bank will look like a brick. But the 1.2kg product looks like the brick, but will plenty of portability.

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The capacity is 57,000 mAh, of which if only 70% can be extracted, we are talking about 40,000 mAh transferable capacity, which is enough to charge 10x in the case of an average phone, so it can be powered for 2 weeks in case of not extremely intensive use.
Teclast A60 Pro Power bank

However, an average ultrabook category laptop can also be charged with it or 4-6x, so a work week can come out without power.

It can charge a total of four outputs with 22.5W of power, up to 5A. 1 Type-C, through which laptops can also be fed. the Teclast power bank can be charged on both Type-C and micro USB inputs: 5V/2.4A, 9V/2A.

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