Which Chinese Electric Bike you would buy in 2021?

Getting around is far more fun when you’re riding an e-scooter, come rain or shine, so we’ve rounded up the best electric scooters from Segway, Xiaomi, and others

Today’s guide is going to be special for those who prefer electric vehicles than mopeds for local commuting. In this post, we will consider and compare some of the best electric scooter companies in the world. Ultimately, you will come up with the best alternative to go for in 2021. So, keep reading.

Without any suspect, electric bikes are certainly going to rule the future of the scooter industry. Due to the prevalence of environment awareness, a massive transform can be observed being occurred in the domain. The commuting vehicle manufacturers are now more likely to invest efforts and money to construct electric than liquid fuel-based vehicles. However, it is quite a positive signal for the globe as well, given the rapid increment in environmental pollution levels.

As per the current scenario, there is a spate of electric scooter companies in the market. Most of them pertain to China, working around the clock to build and avail high-quality products at reasonable prices.

When it comes to mentioning some of the prestigious names, Xiaomi’s Himo, Ninebot Segway, Mijia, and Mi along with FIIDO, Kugoo, Bolt, Eswing, Megawheels etc. are few to pop up in mind. All of these are great, having variety-full portfolios and seamless quality services at a call.

But we are here to help you pick the best Electric Bikes 2021. It will be an injustice to leave any of them behind, but we will have to do it. In terms of a global circle, we recommend you to go for any of Xiaomi’s Himo and Ninebot Segway besides FIIDO and Kugoo. Why we acknowledge these brands – is the issue that needs to be discussed in the subsequent section.


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Best Electric Scooter Companies | Best Electric Bikes 2020

  1. Himo

Himo is one of the prominent links under the Xiaomi’s ecosystem platform in Electric Scooter Companies. It manufactures a variety of electric bikes for the parent company. We rank it at the apex because of quality and performance-driven products at budget-friendly costs. The following are some of the latest developments of the brand.

Himo Z20 Foldable Electric Bicycle

Himo Z20 Electric bike review

It is the ultra-latest entry in Himo’s portfolio. The bicycle comes with a 250W DC motor, which can gain a maximum speed of 50 KM. Further, the grey-coloured vehicle adopts a removable lithium battery, 100KG load capacity, 21.6KG weight, 3 operation modes, and a dual-disc brake system.

Himo Z16 Foldable Electric Bicycle

Xiaomi HIMO Z16 hands on

The Himo Z16 bicycle arrived in April under crowdfunding. Furthermore, the ultra-foldable vehicle brings improved functionality over the H1. The aluminum alloy frame incorporates multiple features like an LCD screen, IP7 waterproof rating, dual-disc braking, 55KM mileage per charge, wear-resistant CST tires, 25 km/h speed, and lots more.

Himo H1 Foldable Electric Bike

Xiaomi HIMO H1 electric bicycle

It is another well-packed foldable bike by the Xiaomi subsidiary for commuting local distances. It boasts an A380 aluminum alloy frame, clear display, 7500 mAh removable battery with 30 KM mileage, 18 km/h speed, and night reflectors.

  1. Ninebot Segway

Well, Ninebot Segway is also quite popular among Xiaomi fans, especially electric bike riders and stands second in Electric Scooter Companies. It promises to produce top-class products to assist fans globally. Let’s have a look at the latest equipment.

Ninebot T15 Air Electric Scooter

Ninebot Air t15

The Ninebot T15 Air Scooter was launched last month (May 2020) in China. Physically, it bestows two-beam metal design along with the plastic housing. In specs, the machine has a digital LCD screen, app control, puncture-proof hollow tires, 15-degree elevation climbing, 4000 mAh battery, and 20 km/h speed.

Ninebot KickScooter ES2 Folding Bike

Ninebot Segway ES2

The white-coloured electric bike is the successor to the ES1. It is built of a robust aluminum alloy frame, which can be folded with a single click. Moreover, the vehicle integrates LED display, 700W power motor, 25 km/h speed, app control, along with other smart features.

Ninebot Max G30 Foldable Electric Scooter

ninebot Max G30

Xiaomi’s sub-brand Ninebot launched the Max G30 bike with 350W brushless motor, and portable folding design. It further integrates the LED panel, three riding modes, anti-puncture tires as well as other fascinating features on the list.

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  1. FIIDO

It is another well-accepted Chinese brand assembling high-quality electric vehicles at favourable prices and is placed third in Electric Scooter Companies. It keeps on updating its product foil by adding the latest technologies and protocols. Why is FIIDO on our list of the best electric bike companies in the world? Let’s check.

FIIDO L3 Electric Bike

14-inch tyres electric bike

Although FIIDO L3 is an electric bike, it is not the same as a traditional electric bike, because it has a built-in battery and a high-strength aluminum body, making the whole body look like a bicycle, very small, but at the same time the body is very strong.

It provides three modes: human riding, human-electric hybrid riding and pure electric riding. We can choose our own mode to select the riding mode according to our own conditions and environmental conditions, and we can also select low, medium and high riding speed through the speed control on the left handle.

the FIIDO L3 e-bike uses 14-inch Zhengxin e-bike tires for both front and rear, and the tires have deep treads, which means he has very good anti-slip performance.

In the process of using it, I found a very interesting design. The FIIDO L3 electric bike uses a headlight and horn in one design, which not only makes the whole front of the bike look more concise and competent, but also can satisfy us when we travel at night, while the rear tail light also allows us to provide security when we travel at night.

FIIDO M1 Electric Scooter


The FIIDO M1 bike is also ideal for short journeys with eco-friendly mechanism and a fat-tire system. It has three riding modes for different roads, aluminum alloy frame, LED headlight, 250W motor, 12.5Ah battery, 65 km/h speed, dual-disc braking system and others.

FIIDO Q1 Electric Folding Bike

FIIDO Q1 Electric scooter

It has a unique design with a basket above the rear tire. In terms of features, the FIIDO Q11 boasts a dual-disc braking system, LED headlight at the front, high-quality tires, comfortable seat for children, aluminum alloy frame and some other qualities.

  1. Kugoo

Kugoo is yet another electric scooter company from China that you can contemplate and is placed last in Electric Scooter Companies. It has concluded a massive range of newfangled electric scooters. Take a look at the company’s latest achievements.

Kugoo Kirin S1 Electric Scooter

Kugoo Kirin S1 electric scooter

The brand released the Kirin S1 scooter a few weeks ago. It is worth of your money device with unmatched characteristics. It comes with 8” wear-resisting tires, app control, 350W brushless DC motor, 25KM mileage, and lots more specifications.

Kugoo ES2 Folding Electric Scooter

KUGOO ES2 Folding Electric Scooter

It integrates scads of advanced protocols in terms of 7.5Ah battery, three speed modes, USB port for smartphone charging, 8.5” tires, LED headlight, aluminum alloy + PC material body and foldable physique.

Kugoo G-Booster Folding Electric Scooter


The Kugoo G-Booster Electric scooter has a waterproof design with an LED screen and 10W extra bright lights. Furthermore, the bike has a powerful 800W motor to ensure up to 85KM of distance coverage.


Summing up the guide, the electric scooter-cum bike industry is on the threshold to revolutionize the domain. It eliminates the fuel costs along with contributing a lot in preserving the environment.

When it comes to choosing the best electric bike company to deal with in 2020, Chinese brands are at the apex as usual. You can trust Himo, Kugoo, Ninebot Segway, and FIIDO blatantly to enjoy world-class services. They offer rich variety to customers under each price bracket. Hopefully, this text post will assist you in making the final call. If you are not willing spend more money better go for the Xiaomi Himo which gives you best bikes in affordable price.

OR you can buy the all time best Electric scooter which is most sold in 2018 and 2019, The Xiaomi M365 Electric scooter.

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