Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro X appeared with a new logo, launching in June

May 18 2021, Xiaomi announces its flagship high-end laptop a few weeks ago. Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro X, the new notebook from the company might release as soon as June this year. The officials are yet to announce the exact date of the launch event.

Features of Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro X:

The high-end laptop from Xiaomi is finally up here. The full-top notebook, which is up to compete with the Apple new 2021 models. With the lightweight, the company have tried to make the laptop as thin as possible. The poster revealed by the company shows that the laptop is very thin, but not configured extremely.

The poster shows the A-side of the Xiaomi MI Notebook Pro X. From this, we can see the new logo of “Xiaomi” printed on it.

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Xiaomi MI Notebook X Pro Indonesia

In addition, after increasing the brightness of the poster, you can see that the notebook has USB-A, Thunder and HDMI ports.

On May 11, NVIDIA released RTX 3050 Ti and RTX 3050 notebook computer graphics cards, supporting RTX optical tracking and DLSS technology, using GA107 core, Samsung 8nm process, of which RTX 3050 Ti has 2560 CUDA cores with a frequency of 1035 -1695MHz, with 128bit wide GDDR6 memory, 4GB capacity, TDP power consumption between 35 to 80W. RTX 3050 has relatively few 2048 CUDA cores, but the frequency will be slightly higher, 4GB 128bit video memory, TDP is also between 35-80W.

According to NVIDIA’s official test, the RTX 3050 Ti can achieve a stable performance of 60FPS with the RTX version of DLSS “Minecraft” and “Call of Duty: Black Ops CW” turned on at 1080P resolution.


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