Buy Bezior X1000 Folding Moped Electric Bicycle For Just $1,479.99 (Coupon Deal)

This Bezior X1000 Folding Moped Electric Bicycle has a unique technology compared to the electric bikes on the market. This bike keeps you from getting the fitness benefits of cycling. Carrying the concept of hybrid, electric technology makes you less tired and lighter when riding. The Bezior X1000 Folding Moped Electric Bicycle continues to run fast up to 40km per hour. This electric bike can cover a distance of 100KM power-assisted mileage on a single charge.

Coupon Code: GKB783S
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This Bezior X1000 electric bicycle has a quality frame made of aluminum alloy. This material is known to be light, sturdy, and not easy to rust. This material also makes the bike body so light but still sturdy and provides high stability when you ride it. You will be more stable in cycling and less tired of pedaling. The electric moped bicycle has a tire diameter that is larger than that of other electric bikes such as the Xiaomi Qi Cycle. With a larger size, the bike will be more stable when walking in bumpy areas. The appearance also looks more sporty. Now, this bike is even cooler with the front and rear fenders.

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Now, this bike adopts a folding design that is very easy for you to do yourself. This is an advantage when you bring this bike by car or tie it to a motorbike. The Bezior X1000 comes with an excellent design that makes it more easy and convenient for users just to fold and use. Also, its latest design offers essential functions to uses like you can adjust the height of the bike according to yours. This Bicycle comes with two disc brakes at the front and rear wheels which is certainly much safer than using one brake. This bike is increasingly sophisticated with the presence of headlights like a motorcycle. Cycling at night certainly no need to worry any more Fear of the dark. Gear management is very easy and suits your needs in cycling. So you can pedal comfortably without caring about your travel terrain.

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The Bezior X1000 comes with a massive battery and a 1000w powerful motor. Also, the bike is very robust, as premium-grade aluminum is used to design its frame; which also gives the ability to fold the bike for transport. The e-bike comes with tires of 26 inches and Three modes of travel: electric mode, power assist mode, and riding mode. You can also use the Bezior X1000 as a traditional bike; by using pedals or just use the electric motor to facilitate its movements. The Bezior X1000 comes with a powerful electric motor of 1000W. The engine easily allows you to reach a maximum; speed of 40km/hr and also allows you to climb slopes of 38 ° without any effort. In addition, it has a large 5-inch LCD screen with a P54 waterproof level, which can display the top point, speed, direction, and other information more clearly.

You can find this amazing Bezior X1000 Folding Moped Electric Bicycle on at a price of $1,479.99 incredible discount.

Coupon Code: GKB783S
Ship From EU Warehouse

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