FIIL CC PRO Wireless Earbuds Review: Supports Hybrid Noise reduction

­When mentioning Fei Er, the first thing that everyone thinks of is its brand founder Wang Feng. The hot product in 2020: FIIL CC true wireless Bluetooth headset; 2021.4.1 Fei Er released a new noise reduction headset: I started FIIL CC PRO for the first time, and the pre-sale will start again on the 13th. Friends who like it can quickly book it. This is a headset that directly challenges Oppo’s most cost-effective headset W51! Rush!

TWS headset purchase guide should be the most detailed science article for all knowledge. If you don’t know much about TWS headsets, I suggest reading this article.

FIIL CC Pro Wireless Earbuds Japan

FIIL CC Pro Wireless Earbuds Review

Exterior Design:

The FIIL CC PRO charging box does not use the iconic metal texture and open design of the previous generation but uses a rounded square vertical structure. The CC Pro charging box has a “FIIL” logo on the front and is also a breathing light design. , There will be a breathing effect when using and wireless charging, especially at night, there will be a very bright effect.

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In the earphone part, FIIL CC PRO retains the soul of the CC series, with sharp edges and corners and a very metallic earphone handle design. CC Pro changed the semi-in-ear type to the in-ear type to improve the noise reduction effect, including the adjustment of the earphone curve. Improve the tightness of the fit with the ear canal to achieve the best noise reduction effect. The appearance is still quite distinctive; in addition to the first time, the headset has also added an optical sensor for in-ear detection.

As I said in the shopping guide article, the optical sensor will be one of the standard features of TWS headsets in the future.

FIIL CC Pro Wireless Earbuds United States

Configuration parameter

CC Pro features dual hybrid noise reduction technology, equipped with FIIL MAF (My Audio Filter) intelligent noise adjustment system, supporting noise reduction mode, simultaneous listening mode, open mode and anti-wind noise mode to achieve the best noise reduction effect in different scenarios. It is officially promoted that FIIL CC PRO can offset up to 39dB of environmental noise, allowing users to ignore about 98% of the noise impact in the surrounding environment. It also supports ENC call noise reduction function, through the coordination of 3 microphones, accurately identify human voice, environmental sound and wind noise, and provide clear call effects

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FIIL CC Pro uses a Bluetooth 5.2 certified main control chip, and the speaker unit uses a 10.1mm wool cone composite diaphragm, which makes the speaker both flexible and tough; supports AAC HD decoding; uses LDS dipole antenna to transmit signals, effectively improving connection stability To reduce latency. And customized low-latency solutions for the three scenarios of games, music, and videos, and switch on-demand to provide the best experience in different usage scenarios.

Supporting APP

The CC PRO has a supporting APP: “FIIL+” can switch between different noise reduction modes of the headset, and also allow the headset to enter low-latency game mode, or music mode, video mode, and the APP contain 15 preset sound effects, EQ can also be customized, with rich functions.

FIIL CC PRO Wireless Earbuds Battery

FIIL CC Pro has a new wireless charging function. Both the phone and the charging box support fast charging. The earphones can be put into the box for 5 minutes and you can listen to music for 1 hour. In the fully charged state, the single battery life of the earphone music mode is 6.5 hours, and the battery life of listening to music in the noise reduction mode is 5.5 hours, and the charging box can be charged 3.5 times. The overall battery life can reach 30 hours

FIIL CC Pro Wireless Earbuds Germany

Summary: CC PRO life level is still very high, mainly due to the use of a Bluetooth 5.2 certified main control chip, which can further reduce power consumption. In terms of battery life, FIIL CC Pro is a bit stronger than Oppo W51

Our Verdict:

Compared with the previous generation products, the product has newly added wireless charging, active noise reduction, Bluetooth 5.2 chip, etc., and the configuration has been improved significantly. The current price is 499 of CC PRO, which is the same as Oppo W51. The 500 is the most competitive price range for domestic headphones. At present, many TWS headphone manufacturers are exploring low- and mid-price noise reduction products. FIIL brand CEO Wu Ning also stated that “FIIL CC PRO has the confidence to challenge Oppo W51 and this year’s Any opponent! It seems that FIIL is quite confident in its new CC Pro.”

FIIL CC Pro vs Oppo W51

Advantages of FIIL CC PRO:

1. Longer battery life, also supports fast charging and wireless charging

2. Using the main control chip that supports Bluetooth 5.2, it has higher quality sound and lower power consumption

3. Higher noise reduction intensity, with FIIL MAF intelligent noise adjustment system to make noise reduction more diversified

4. Supporting APP, adjustment is more convenient and richer

5. The charging box is lighter and the “FIIL” breathing light is very cool

Advantages of Oppo W51:

1. More colour matching and higher selectivity

2. There is a phantom film on the back of the headset, which has a strong light and shadow effect.

3. IP54 dust proof and waterproof

4. The headset is more comfortable and firm to wear


Compared with Oppo W51, FIIL CC Pro is better in terms of core configuration. Whether it is chip, battery life, noise reduction, etc., it is very good. No wonder FIIL dares to challenge Oppo~~ but Oppo W51 pays more attention to “humanity” and colour matching. Many, good wearing comfort, and good dustproof and waterproof performance. The difference between these two products is still relatively large. Both are very cost-effective products at the price of 500. 


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