Xiaomi 30-inch curved Monitor to launch this year with 240Hz refresh rate

May 1st 2021, Xiaomi is setting up to launch its new monitor which will support a 240Hz refresh rate. The name of the product is confirmed, i.e., Xiaomi 30-inch Curved Monitor. The leaks about the launch date are that the product will launch later this year, but we have not confirmed the exact date of the launch.

Features of Xiaomi 30-inch curved Monitor:

Leaks suggest that the new monitor will launch during the 618 periods in China. If you are not familiar with this event, this is a mid-year event started by In this event, various high-end brands come with special offers for a limited time. The event is just similar to the Black Friday Sale, the biggest Chinese sale.

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Xiaomi 30-inch Curved Monitor United States

The monitor will feature an ultra-wide curved panel which is about 30-inch. A bit smaller in size than its 34-inch curved monitor, launched in 2019 and is one of the successful monitors of the industry. The difference and the upgrades in the new monitor are it comes with a 240Hz refresh rate. Xiaomi 30-inch curved Monitor is exactly what gamers required.

Xiaomi today is yet to get more information about the product. Company already is selling its most loved 34-inch curved monitor at an affordable price. This was the brand’s first monitor and offered a resolution of 3440x1440px and an aspect ratio of 21:9. The monitor had a 1500R curvature design, 121% sRGB colour gamut support, and also had 144Hz refresh rate along with AMD FreeSync support. So, we can expect certain specifications to be similar if not an overall improvement.

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