Black Shark 4 Hands on Review Guide and unboxing and First Impressions

Xiaomi, the Great Chinese smartphone manufacturer under it’s sub-brand Black Shark launched the new fourth high-end smartphone series on 26th March 2021. If you are a tech lover or a gamer you can not ignore the impact of the Black Shark smartphones on the gaming industry. Since founded in 2018, brand has achieved the greatest heights. Black Shark 4 is now the new upgrade to the gaming industry. And not to ignore when we talk about the Xiaomi, we talk about MIUI, great graphics and  great value of money.

Black Shark 4 Singapore

In this article Xiaomi Today have reviewed the latest gaming phone of 2021. The reason it is being loved in China from last few weeks is the price of the smartphone. Black Shark 4 is available to purchase at $419 and available to purchase globally. According to Xiaomi Today, this machine is going to be the best Gaming Smartphone of 2021.

Black Shark 4 Review:


With a carved metal frame and holographic backplate, Black Shark 4 is a stylish design for today’s mobile gamers. Black Shark 4 retains the 3.5mm audio jack to facilitate audio output through wired devices. Enjoy delay-free gaming audio and beautiful music with no interference.

Controls for Pro Gamers:


Physical buttons? Yes! Thanks to our innovative magnet-lift technology, ultra- responsive shoulder triggers appear like magic with a gentle press for precise, customizable control in competitive games. When not in use, the triggers disappear seamlessly back into the edge of the Black Shark 4. You can map various buttons on the screen in any games. o 6 magnetic power to drive.

Black Shark 4 Magnetic Buttons

You can map various buttons on-screen in any game;

  • 160g trigger pressure
  • 1,000,000+ times trigger life
  • 15 types of toggle button textures tested

Editor’S Choice:

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1) How to pop up / put down the triggers?

Easy. Just toggle the button beside the triggers.

2) How to set up the triggers?

Enter Shark Space by pressing and holding both shoulder trigger buttons at the same time.

  • Start a game.
  • Enter Game Studio by swiping diagonally across the screen.

Black Shark 4 Master pop-up buttons

  • Click KeyMap (Master Control)
  • Black Shark 4 ThailandDrag the mapping button ”A”/”B” to the button sections on the screen.

Pop-Up Triggers

  • Click the physical triggers to trigger the setting.

3). How do the pop-up triggers work?

  • Uses the differences in polarity and its influence on Hall’s Effect between the “open” and “close” positions to determine the state of deployment of the button.
  • The magnet groups are arranged alternatively in an “attraction-repulsion- attraction” layout to extend or retract the button as needed.
Trigger buttons for PUBG

Best Smartphone for PUBG in 2021

710Hz Touch Reporting:

A touch reporting rate of up to 720Hz gives Black Shark the industry’s lowest touch  delay of just 8.3ms (multi-finger) for smoother, more responsive gaming. Furthermore, by improving our algorithm and fine-tuning the system, Black Shark have achieved a touch accuracy of 0.004mm – the lowest in the industry.

Black Shark 4 UAE

The high degree of touch accuracy and refresh rate means every subtle action you take will be accurately reflected in-game with unprecedented levels of fine control. Whether you are looking through your 8x scope in an FPS for that kill or dragging across the screen to cast a spell in a MOBA arena, Black Shark 4 will more than keep up and greatly enhance your stability and accuracy.


IQOO 7 and 7 Pro available for purchase at $603.99

Black Shark 4 Performance:

1. Qualcomm Snapdragon:

Black Shark 4 comes with Qualcomm’s latest flagship processor – Snapdragon 870. The flagship processor employs advanced 7nm process technology with 8-core architecture for blazingly fast processing power. The Kryo 585CPU super core offers clock frequencies up to 3.2GHz for an incredibly powerful performance.


Black Shark 4 features UFS 3.1 RAM and LPDDR5 ROM to make sure the data is transferred at the fastest speed in the phone. Installing games, loading games, and switching between scenes are now quicker than before.

3. Cooling System:

Engineered using a patent welding technology, two liquid cooling units sandwich internal components for a 30% overall increase in heat dissipation. The entire cooling solution is designed around the three leading heat sources in mobile phones (5G chip, processor, charging chipset) and these components are strategically placed to avoid excessive heat concentration.

Black Shark 4 Italy

A large surface area direct contact copper heatsink is designed to rapidly move the heat to the liquid cooling system to accelerate heat venting. A new intelligent NTC temperature the sensor is added to detect the heat profile in the grip zones and communicate the data to the cooling system to better control the temperature in real-time so your hands remain cool even in prolonged portrait gaming.

4. Battery:

Black Shark 4 Austria

Powered by our brand-new double-cell eSports battery tech, Black Shark 4’s super- capacity 4500-mAh battery with ultra-fast 120W hyper charging provides all-day gaming and entertainment. Our test result: Charge to 100% in under 17mins.

*Remarks: What company  provide for review is a 120W CN charger. It would be a 67W standard charger in the final retail box for sales. Charge to 100% in less than 25mins. 120W might be on sales in a separate package later this year.

Black Shark 4 New Zealand

Black Shark 4 Bangladesh

5. 5G + WIFI 6 “X”

SA/NSA dual-mode 5G and WiFi 6 provide the fastest data speeds available, at home and on the go. The “X” antenna design and intelligent network switching ensure that you’ll always get the fastest possible speeds.

Black Shark 4 Display and Audio System:

1. Display

Black Shark 4 uses the latest generation E4 AMOLED from Samsung for its gorgeous yet power-saving display. It features an ultra-narrow edge with a peak brightness of 1500nits, a global maximum brightness of 900nits, a contrast ratio of 5000000:1, and a 15% reduction in power consumption.

Cheapest gaming smartphone 2021

The front camera micro-hole measures only 2.76mm to minimize screen obstruction, creating a more integrated look and an immersive gaming experience. The visual perception during gaming is better integrated, and the screen supports True DC dimming to protect the eyes during long use. The screen has been built to handle even the most challenging graphics and is HDR 10+ certified.

2. 144Hz Refresh Rate:

Black Shark 4 offers a high refresh rate of 144Hz which intelligently adapts to the 144Hz refresh rate of the latest games to provide players with a silky smooth gaming experience. Users can also select from three custom refresh rates of 120Hz, 90Hz, and 60Hz to achieve the appropriate screen refresh rate accordingly to suit their preference and the application requirements to achieve smoother graphics.

3. Audio:

The company implements full symmetry ultra-large amplitude dual linear speakers, top circuit sounding unit, and a large sound cavity for the dual speakers. Besides professional tuning and algorithms are required to give these units full play. Smartphone adopt the industry’s top software and hardware audio algorithms, including DTS, ELEVOC, and Cirrus Logic technologies. 

Black Shark 4 Gaming System:

1. JOYUO 12.5:

JOYUI12 inherits most of the functions of MIUI12, including the Light Cone Motion Architecture, synaesthetic visualisation, nature-inspired notification sounds, as well as new functions to improve privacy, note-taking, and many more.

2. Game Studio

1) Shark Space 4.0

Shark Space comes now with version 4.0 and access by pressing and holding both shoulder trigger buttons at the same time, or through selecting the APP from the menu.

Shark Space 4.0 allows users to quickly adjust their network status, performance, Do-Not-Disturb function, master touch settings, and other functions during the game without breaking immersion. Users can also select a driving mode in the game studio to eliminate any external interference with the game.

Black Shark 4 Canada

Black Shark 4 United States

2) Game Macro

Game macros can be programmed for specific scenes of the game. Repetitive actions can also be programmed to enable one-key execution. The macros reduce the need for repetitive actions and make controlling your gameplay much more fluid.

3) Motion Sensing

Click KeyMap (Master Control). Then choose the motions you’d like to use from the list.

Black Shark 4 Japan

4) Game Studio Setting

A. Performance Setting

The Ludicrous Mode squeezes every last ounce of extreme performance from the equipment and allows super large games to run smoothly with no stuttering.

B. Display Setting

Ultra-high 144HZ refresh rate with Intelligent Switch option/Color enhancement / newly added Hunting Mode; the ultra-high refresh rate makes the game smoother, while the picture quality & colour enhancement makes the game visuals clearer and brighter. The unique Hunting Mode makes it easier to spot enemies in FPS games.

C. Touch Setting

Gyroscope sensitivity adjustment/touch screen sensitivity adjustment/720HZ ultimate touch sampling rate activation/in-game edge mis-touch prevention.

Best gaming Smartphone 2021

D. Audio Setting

The high-definition sound effects pull users into the game for a more engaging gaming experience. Voice changer allows for more interesting communicating options and smoother communication.

Black Shark 4 Russia


Black Shark 4 Greece

Black Shark 4 rear camera module

  • 8MP HD wide-angle lens – f/2.2 aperture
  • 5MP telephoto lens – f/2.4 aperture
  • 48MP Ultra HD lens – f/1.8 aperture

Black Shark 4 front camera module

  • 20MP Ultra HD lens – f/1.8 aperture
  • Supports 4K@60fps video recording
  • Support 1080P/720P @120fps/240fps/960fps slow-motion recording
  • Professional movie filters for Vlogging.


The FunCooler 2Pro uses a Thermal Electronic Cooling system, heat is absorbed from the surface of the phone using the Peltier effect and release out towards the fan system. 7 fan blades boasting a spinning speed of 6200 RPM make quick work of the heat released. Compatible for Android phones / iPhone with 67-88mm width.

Heat will have nowhere to hide in the Aluminum heat sink made from 147 cooling columns. Once the fan is activated, dust is blasted away and your phone starts its descent to icy cold. You can see the temperature change on the small display screen. Besides, FunCooler 2Pro can be managed in Game Studio to customise the RGB lights, to adjust cooling levels in Black Shark phones. Our test result: Around 20°C temperature drop in 1 min.

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