BlitzWolf BW-HL3 Smartwatch: Third Gen. Waterproof at just $30.99

After the launch a few weeks ago, finally, the Blitzwolf BW-HL3 Smartwatch is available for purchase. Xiaomi Today is the first to bring this deal for its’ customers. The very low-cost smartwatch with high-end specs is now on the table. We will review this product in a few days, and will upload a review article on 25th March. If you are new, lets’ dive into the features of the new smartwatch.

Features of BlitzWolf BW-HL3 Smartwatch:

This is the BW – HL 3, which after HL1 and HL2, comes to shake the waters in the field of smartwatches. Or so BlitzWolf hopes.

However, it has the potential from there and beyond, it remains to be seen whether in practice it will make a difference.

BlitzWolf BW-HL3 Smartwatch Banggood

Design & Display:

The BlitzWolf HL3 starts dynamically, thanks to its super modern design which, personally, I consider the most beautiful of the three watches in the series.

Especially the silver with the brown strap – this is what we ordered – I think it makes a difference and will really adorn your wrist.

Best Smartwatch 2021 China

At the front is the classic full touch 1.3 ” screen with the nice “cuts” in the frame and the also classic resolution 240 × 240.

BW promises us unparalleled smoothness in the use of the watch, which if it really works will boost its value even more.

BlitzWolf BW-HL3 Watch faces:

Apparently, it has 4 different watch faces and several settings to fit it.

BlitzWolf BW-HL3 Smartwatch China

With its help you will measure calories, steps and distance you travel while recording 7 different sports: running, cycling, skipping rope, table tennis, badminton, tennis and swimming!


Yes, since the HL3 is really waterproof with IP68 certification to dip it up to one meter in weight and not more than half an hour in water.

BlitzWolf BW-HL3 Smartwatch Malaysia

BlitzWolf BW-HL3 Sensors:

The watch has a sensor on its back to measure your heart rate (and on a 24-hour basis if you want) and your blood pressure, as well as the oxygen levels in your blood.

Through the new application, GloryFit says BW, you will receive notifications on your wrist for messages or calls, which you can reject if you want.


Its battery is at 180mAh and it is enough to give it a highly satisfactory autonomy from 7 to 10 days. Charging is completed within 1 or 2 hours.

BlitzWolf BW-HL3 Smartwatch USA

What else does this watch have? Many!

Adjustable brightness, a reminder to get up from the chair, sleep quality control, alarm clock, remote camera, etc.

BlitzWolf BW-HL3 Tracker

In addition, something that many will find useful, through the app and by activating the GPS Run Route Track you will see on your mobile the path you followed in your exercise.

Finally, note that it connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth 5.0.

For such a beautiful watch, with the signature of BlitzWolf and its many features, DO NOT THINK ABOUT IT SECOND TIME.

Price & Coupon:

At the Banggood Promo, you can get the Blitzwolf watch for $30.99 including Priority Direct shipping !!!

Coupon: BGSHL3

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