ZINO MINI Pro vs FIMI X8 MINI vs DJI MINI 2: Which is a better MINI?

Since last year after the launch of DJI MINI 2, companies are trying to compete with the smallest drone in the market. FIMI announced its FIMI X8 MINI last year, and the product was launched last month. DJI launches it MINI 2 with a weight of less than 250grams. Similarly, the FIMI mini is under 250grams, and these drones don’t need registration in certain countries. Now, Hubsan has launched an official video of its new drone, which is another product in the race of these small drones under 250grams. The Hubsan ZINO MINI Pro, a drone that is expected to be a great competitor to DJI MINI 2. Here we have provided you with the comparison between the ZINO MINI Pro vs FIMI X8 MINI Pro vs DJI MINI 2.

HUBSAN ZINO Mini Pro Review

Here in this article, we are comparing all three mini drones in all aspects. We are going to compare all the features every single one has and check what these bring us. We will help you decide which quad you might buy in the near future. You are at the right place if you talk about the quad-copters. This article is probably the preview of the Hubsan and comparison with other mini drones. This comparison is what we have on paper and what we probably will get. Let’s go straight into it and compare all three drones.

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Differences between ZINO MINI Pro vs FIMI X8 MINI vs DJI MINI 2:

So first, we have the first drone, the ZINO MINI Pro. The small the drone, the bigger the sensor is. The ZINO comes with a 1/1.3-inch CMOS image sensor, whereas the DJI MINI 2 has 1/2.3, and the FIMI X8 MINI comes with the 1/2.6.



From the latest leak, we are not sure what Hubsan is talking about with the 48MP. As DJI MINI 2 comes with the 12MP, FIMI comes with 12MP. Personally, I don’t like that Hubsan is not talking about a full-time video of 48MP. So, we will have to wait and find out that.



The HUBSAN MINI drone gives an aperture of f/1.85, which is pretty good bringing lighter. It makes it a lot easier to work with the settings and get the color and gesture when to require. DJI has an f/2.8 aperture and FIMI with an f/2.0 aperture. So, overall, Hubsan ZINO MINI Pro is a winner here.



Hubsan claims the drone will have 6X Zoom. The higher numbers will lead to a lower quality video. We can assume the 6X ZOOM will in 1080p; we will have to watch if they can pull it off in 4K. DJI MINI 2 comes with 2X Zoom in 4K and 4X in 1080p. At last, the FIMI X8 MINI says 3X Zoom. Here if Hubsan is right with what it claims, they will obviously win this.

DJI Mavic 2

HDR Mode:


HDR Mode is the important one because the DJI MINI doesn’t have it. I think the Hubsan ZINO MINI pro says it has HDR, which will be a pre-set. Also, FIMI claims they will have an HDR effect.

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Frames per second:


All three drones come with 4K/30fps, which is max. There are no 60fps on any drone. Also, I don’t think that is required in any MINI drones.



We have H.265/HEVC 200Mbps in the Hubsan ZINO MINI pro, which the company claims. I don’t know that the big cameras do have that. Also, I don’t know if any drone has that. It will blow everyone out of the water if Hubsan comes with this. DJI drone comes with only H.264, and specs about FIMI are limited.



The Syncleas is a 3.0 version in Hubsan ZINO MINI Pro with 1080P/30fps. So, this is an extremely impressive image for the first-person view. In the past, Hubsan comes with good Syncleas quality.

ZINO MINI Pro Range:


Hubsan is going to put them with DJI MINI 2, which is 10KM. The FIMI X8 MINI comes with 8KM. But we will have to find it when we get the drones in our hands. I hope so we can reach that range as the battery almost max out going to this range.

Flight Time:


The flight time in the Hubsan again is blowing us out of the water. The company claims it will have 40 minutes of flight time. We are not quite sure about the batteries; we pray that Hubsan comes with better batteries this time. DJI MINI 2 has 32 minutes, and FIMI MINI has 30 minutes. But we always say they are going to reduce what they claim.

Best drone under 250grams



The sub 250 is the whole purpose of this MINI drone. The first one to start was DJI MINI which is the lightest of all with 247g. Hubsan ZINO MINI claims it will come with 249grams. We might also expect it will come less from the paper. FIMI X8 MINI now comes with 258g with the original battery, but we are yet to get the pro battery. The company claims it will reduce weight to 245g when the battery releases. So, to date, we cannot say the FIMI MINI drone will put itself under 250grams.

Obstacle sensors:


This is something we should not talk about FIMI X8 MINI and DJI MINI 2 for obstacle avoidance. But Hubsan claims the drone will come with a front, side, and back obstacle sensor. We will have to wait if the company gets with it. This is never done by the company, so we will have to get the drone and see if it really goes with what they say.

Active track:


DJI MINI 2 doesn’t have the active track, but FIMI X8 MINI comes with the active track. Hubsan also claims its MINI drone will come with the active track too.

ZINO MINI Pro Price and Delivery:


The Price of DJI MINI 2 and FIMI X8 MINI are approximately the same, about $399. FIMI X8 MINI has done the introductory pre-sale at $319, but we are not sure if the rates are going the same rate again. Hubsan ZINO MINI pro, I would guess it will start about $439 with all the features they claim. As with everything they are putting, the price of the drone will have to be higher than other drones.

We expect the Hubsan drone on tables in the near future, say August 2021. So, let’s wait for more information about the Hubsan. We will re-update if there is any news of the Hubsan ZINO Drone and any lowest sale on FIMI X8 MINI. So Stay tuned for more updates.


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