Ninebot Max G30P Folding Electric Scooter now for just $799.99

Ninebot Segway comes around the way to ease your commuting with the latest Ninebot Max G30P Electric Scooter at an affordable price range. With tons of advanced protocols, the folding electric scooter will definitively cater to your daily requirements in an eco-friendly way. As of now, the vehicle is available for sale on the Banggood store for 799.99 US dollars after a bewildering 48% discount.

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Features of Ninebot Max G30P:

As always, Ninebot again comes with a vehicle to be foldable for convenient storing. The 43.7×18.6×45.1inch size can be reduced to 43.7×18.6x21inch by folding the physique. Further, the silver + grey colour combination creates ergonomic finish to be all-seasoned equipment.

Ninebot Max G30LP Banggood

The Ninebot Max G30P Scooter integrates a 350W powerful wheel motor to generate the maximum speed of up to 40 km/h. Similarly, the 10.2Ah Li-Ion battery ensures up to 40 KM of mileage on a single charge. At the bottom surface, there are two 10” inflatable rubber wheels to run on different sorts of roads.

Best Foldable bike

When it comes to other technical features, the new electric scooter by Ninebot Max features LED Digital Dashboard. It presents real-time speed and battery status at a glance. The scooter also has three riding modes – Eco Mode, Standard Mode and Sports Mode. You can switch across these modes with two clicks.

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Moreover, the inflatable self-sealing tires deliver highly-elevated riding experience with comfort and shock-absorption techniques. Also, the vehicle concludes a regenerative braking system to recycle energy from riding. Riders will also have the freedom to monitor battery and speed on the Segway-Ninebot app. It can be connected via Bluetooth.

On the front, the Ninebot Max G30P Electric Scooter equips an inbuilt 2.5W LED light to illuminate your path during the night ride. The maximum slope degree is 20%.

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