Mixcder E9 Pro Review: Fast Charging With 35 Hours Play Headphones

If you were waiting for the moment to get yourself some beautiful and comfortable wireless headphones with active noise cancellation and a lot of autonomy, don’t miss this bargain, because for a limited time you can get this well-known brand model at an unbeatable price. We are referring to the Mixcder E9 Pro Headphones, a wireless headset with active noise cancellation, AptX codec, microphone, and autonomy of up to 35 hours. Thanks to the frequency range of 20 to 20,000 Hz, you can listen to your favorite music in the best quality. Let’s talk about its features.

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The Mixcder E9 Pro headphones have a foldable design, which pleases. The bowls can be folded inside the headband or rotated 90 degrees for easy carrying in the included case or, say, around the neck. In more detail, the appearance can be seen in the photo. By the way, you can also see metal in the headband there. But this is a thin plate, I would say, for the sake of appearance. The base of the headband is plastic. On the outside of the bowls, the shiny surface is corrugated plastic. Moreover, it is very easily soiled. For a week of use, I no longer have an ideal appearance in this part. And what will happen in a month?

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The Mixcder E9 Pro is a comfortable headphone. The weight is distributed well, the downforce is comfortable (the headphones will not fall off by themselves, but they will not press on the head either). The ear cushions are quite soft and pleasant to the touch (as is the headband padding). The ears fit in them entirely, they are not pressed on the sides. At least my “average” ones. Spending 2 hours in headphones is not a problem at all. More is possible. However, the ears still sweat after a while, but these are features of the closed design.

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Active noise cancellation

Mixcder E9 Pro is active noise-canceling headphones. However, the quality of noise reduction here is frankly “budgetary”. ANC (Active Noise Canceling) cuts off low-frequency monotonous sounds very well, but that’s all. The noise of PCs, air conditioners, fans, neighbors-repairmen (if they are, of course, not quite fanatics- the noise reduction will relieve you of this here. A great option for the office: unnecessary sounds are cut off, and you will hear a colleague’s appeal.

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40mm Drivers

The Mixcder E9 Pro are headphones with 40 mm drivers that incorporate a vibratory diaphragm optimized to offer detailed sound in high fidelity, with an impedance of 32 ohms and an acoustic pressure of 120 dB. In addition, by having an improved noise cancellation chip that blocks low frequencies by up to 98%, the immersion in your favorite music will be total.

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It’s light and comfortable design, which has soft synthetic leather ear pads with memory that do not disturb even after a long listening session, and that you can conveniently store in your travel case. As for its battery, with just one hour of fast charging via USB you get no less than 35 hours of autonomy, while in 5 minutes you enjoy 2 hours.

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Integrated microphone

You will certainly appreciate the practical omnidirectional microphone built into the internal construction of the Mixcder E9 headphones. Provides connections with friends or family. The headphones can answer and place phone calls while the music is turned off. The microphone is able to suppress noise, so it will hear you clearly and clearly. The control buttons are located practically on the headphones. LED indicators will inform you about the operation of the headphones. In addition to the headphones themselves, the package also includes a cable with a 3.5 mm jack, a Micro USB cable, an airplane adapter, and a carrying case.

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Mixcder E9 Pro can be connected to a source via Bluetooth (up to version 5.0) or an audio cable. Over the air, SBC, AAC, aptX, and aptX Low Latency (LL) codecs are supported. Nice set for inexpensive Chinese headphones. The call quality is good. Indoors, within a radius of 10 meters, the signal is stable. I went through 2 walls to another room, and the music was not interrupted. And this is by aptX. On the street, the situation is often worse, but no problem. If the phone is in your pocket, artifacts can only be found in the “anomalous zones”.

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The Mixcder E9 Pro is good inexpensive full-size wireless headphones. Everything here is worth its money: the sound is decent, although there are not enough stars from the sky, the ergonomics are good, the fit is comfortable, the functionality is sufficient. Are you looking for budget everyday headphones that will not annoy or strain you in any way, but will simply fulfill their main function? This is a good candidate.

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Where To Buy

Mixcder E9 Pro Headphones is now available on Aliexpress For Just $55.96 on Limited sale and it is best selling headphones on Aliexpress. Click the following button for order now:

Buy Mixcder E9 Pro at $55.96 on Aliexpress

One Comment

  1. I bought this headphones with a little to much hopes. Coming from an anker soundcore life Q20, I bought the life Q30 and this Mixcder E9 Pro in the 11.11 from Aliexpress. Surprisingly for me, this headphones has a firm signature that is much more easy on the ears. it’s nice, gentle and you can totally pick every instrument separately in almost every song. I could never do that in any of my soundcore headphones despite having Hi-Res certification. Build quality is tremendously better on the soundcores so I’m disappointed on that, especially considering that they costed me the same on 11.11.

    So now that i’m liking this sound signature so much (over both the Soundcore and a wired JBL that I have) I’m looking for the frequency response curve from this headphones. Seems to be nowhere to find. In some other review I sow various curves from tests result but they were form the regular E9, not the pro version. I’m wondering if maybe you could help me with that and share with the audience.

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