ORICO AT2U3-7AB Multi-Port USB 3.0 Hub With Individual Switches Hands-On Review

Nowadays, the development of computers is becoming thinner and lighter. For the sake of beauty, notebook computers are designed to be very thin and light. This will inevitably sacrifice some interfaces. Even many computers have no USB interface at all, and only have a Type-C interface for expansion. And as a student, I often use storage media such as USB flash drives and portable hard drives to plug in and out of various computers. I have bought a few USB HUBs in the past, and the ones that are eagerly cheaper by a few dollars, all broke in a few weeks or months. This time I saw ORICO launched a very good-looking AT2U3-7AB Multi-Port USB 3.0 Hub With Individual Switches.

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We would like to thanks Orico for providing the test sample and for the trust placed in us.


The packaging box adopts ORICO’s consistent simple and practical style. The blue and white color scheme is fresh and pleasing to the eye. The front is the actual appearance of the product and the product name, model, and functional characteristics.

The back of the box is the product-related parameters and manufacturer information.

Unpacking and inspection is always the most exciting time. Before unpacking the box, I still wondered why such a big box is so full, how many things are in it? After putting it out one by one, introduce the family portrait of the product, When you open the package, you can see the ORICO AT2U3-7AB host and all accessories. The accessories include a DC power adapter, USB cable, screws, manual and warranty card.

The DC power adapter deserves our emphasis. When many devices are connected at the same time, the computer power supply cannot meet the stability of the simultaneous use of multiple devices. Therefore, an external power supply method is used to ensure the stable operation of high-power devices. In addition, Hubs with different socket numbers correspond to different power supplies. The output power of this 7-port hub is 12V-2A, and more sockets have higher output.

The 1-meter cable can easily meet the desktop use, and the USB3.0A/B interface is used to ensure more stable and faster transmission characteristics; compared to the USB-A/B type interface, I actually prefer the USB-C type Interface, but for this kind of equipment that hasn’t moved for many years, there is really no need to use the C port.


It’s finally time for the protagonist to debut. ORICO AT2U3-7AB Multi-Port USB 3.0 Hub, which can easily meet the needs of home use and can also be used in general office scenarios. Of course, if you have more interface needs, There are 7 ports, 10 ports, 13 ports, and 16 ports to choose from. This time I experienced 7 ports, which seems to be very much. It is enough for general daily use. The beauty of the ORICO AT2U3-7AB USB3.0 HUB is really very good! I originally thought that the official website was all rendered images, but I never expected that the actual objects would be completely the same as the pictures.

The shell is made of all metal, the panel is completely transparent, and the internal circuit can be clearly seen, and the manufacturing process is quite high! The size is 145x58x26mm, and the compact body placed next to the computer not only has no sense of disobedience but also makes the entire desktop more systemic and tidy. The face value is used on this ORICO AT2U3-7AB hub, it can’t be more suitable, not only is the interface rich, but also the transparent design, the sense of technology is full, and it makes people excited. The transparent design fully enhances the beauty of the product. The PCB circuit board and the components on the circuit board can be clearly seen, which looks very pleasing to the eye.

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This HUB performs quite well in terms of appearance. The body is designed with aluminum alloy material and transparent PC material. It has an excellent texture and a strong industrial atmosphere. It is suitable for use in homes or offices. Each extended USB interface is designed with a sub-control button. In normal use, you can easily control whether it is powered on or not through the button.

The two ends also adopt a transparent design. One end is the interface area, which contains the power cord interface and the computer connection USB interface; the other end is just a transparent PC, which is convenient for curious friends to observe the internal structure. We will not introduce this too much.

There are two rubber anti-skid pads on the bottom. The anti-skid pads are slightly protruding to ensure stability while avoiding frictional damage between the desktop and the host; the other two notches are the wall fixing holes, which can be fixed with the screws of the accessory. In fact, I recommend it more Use paste, of course, this depends on the wall.


The method of use is no different from using a USB flash drive on a daily computer; except that the device is more neatly inserted into the ORICO AT2U3-7AB hub. After the power is connected and the computer is connected, plug in the device and press the switch to use it. So Easy!

First, under the guidance of the LED light, the device status is clear at a glance. At this time, we also found that when a certain storage device has not been used for a period of time, the LED light will automatically turn off, but it is still connected at this time and does not affect the use; it is just a reminder of the device No files are transferred. Actually, I prefer the way the LED is always on to remind the switch.

In terms of transmission speed, the ORICO sub-control hub performed satisfactorily, and the writing speed up to 150M/s for ordinary USB3.0 interface hard disks is quite good.

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ORICO AT2U3-7AB can also transfer files between two storage devices; which means that you can directly copy the files in my USB flash drive to a colleague’s USB flash drive. Laptop users like me have only one idle interface. Copying files is true It’s uncomfortable, it’s OK to have Orico, easily realize high-efficiency office.

ORICO AT2U3-7AB can not only be connected to transmission equipment; but also the mouse and keyboard can be satisfied at the same time. In addition, it can also charge mobile phones, connect to desktop fan humidifiers, etc. It can be said that everything that can be connected to a computer can be used. Do you think it is indeed a powerful little monster here?


For daily office or home use computers, a good hub can bring a lot of conveniences. This ORICO AT2U3-7AB hub integrates beauty and practicality, aluminum alloy plus transparent PC technology design, has a rich interface layout, each interface has independent switches and indicator lights, in addition to fast transmission speed, Multi-scene use, and other advantages, it is a powerful helper for office entertainment. Compared with ordinary HUB, ORICO’s industrial-grade HUB, in order to ensure that all USB ports can be used at the same time, it provides a high-power external power supply and external data connection, and each USB interface provides independent switches and LEDs. The indicator light is also very beautiful in appearance.

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