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Xiaomi ROIDMI EVE Plus Review: Intelligent and cost-effective

When there are more and more sweeping robots on the market, how should you choose to choose your favorite cleaning instrument? The most important thing for contemporary young people is quality. Of course, price/performance ratio is also a point of great concern. Now that I mentioned vacuum cleaners and want to buy a good-looking and cost-effective vacuum cleaner, how can we not mention Xiaomi ROIDMI EVE Plus ?

And ROIDMI fits this point. As a person who has been up and down in the vacuum cleaner field for six years, it can be regarded as an old seniority. His products have always focused on design and ability. For example, its new product Xiaomi ROIDMI EVE Plus, some netizens have given it a title of “One-stop”.Xiaomi ROIDMI EVE Plus Review

Xiaomi ROIDMI EVE Plus Specs:

General Brand: ROIDMI
Type: Vacuum Cleaner
Model: Eve Plus
Color: White
Specification Battery Capacity: 5200mAh
Rated Voltage: Main Unit: 14.4V, Automatic Suction Station: 24V 1.5A
Rated Power: Main Unit: 50W, Automatic Suction Station: 850W
Rated Input: 220V 50-60Hz
Climbing Ability: 20mm
Suction: 2700Pa
Dust Bag: 3L(Replaceable dust bag)
Water Tank: 250ml
Water Control: Smart electronic with 3 level constant pressure water control

Why is it called that? Because his new product can not only vacuum, wipe the floor but also collect dust, a cleaning robot can handle these functions by itself. Now do you think it is called a one-stop dragon? And it only needs to take out the garbage once a month, and there is no need to worry about smelling. The ozone antibacterial and deodorizing technology will solve it cleanly, and the dust will tell you by itself of.

Of course, the best point is that Xiaomi ROIDMI EVE Plus can solve the two problems that everyone cares about most, and it has both quality and cost-effectiveness. Do you think that the big stone in your heart is put down all at once, otherwise the useful things are too sad because the price has stopped.

Not much else to say about this product, the biggest feature is to connect to Mijia Smart, freeing people’s hands, directly reflected in the method of use. The usage method is also more diversified. You can press the small button on it, or you can use its smart function in the next mobile APP, and its every move will be displayed on the mobile phone.Xiaomi ROIDMI EVE Plus Review Xiaomi ROIDMI EVE Plus Review

The biggest difference between this product of ROIDMI and other cleaning robots is that you only need to use it to clean the ground. I will focus on the experience below. The suction power of Xiaomi ROIDMI EVE Plus cannot be said to be the best. Strong, after all, it’s only 2700pa, but the dust and garbage in ordinary households can still be solved.

The most important thing about a cleaning robot like this self-cleaning robot is its sensor, which is what we often call the navigation system. What is more popular now is that LDS can quickly scan the whole house and automatically draw maps and plan routes. Relatively speaking, it is more accurate and efficient, and can accurately identify common obstacles.

(Laser Direct Structuring, super-sensing lidar navigation is lidar, which emits laser through high-speed rotation, and then judges the distance between oneself and the obstacle by the time when the laser is emitted after touching the obstacle, so as to determine the relative position and realize positioning) .Xiaomi ROIDMI EVE Plus Review

But when it is used, it is still not as smart as what we think in our minds. It is the kind of thing that some objects will turn back when it touches something, like the kind of rope, data cable, and so on, it can’t avoid it. It’s much better than before, I hope I can do better.Xiaomi ROIDMI EVE Plus Review

The Xiaomi ROIDMI EVE Plus water tank needs to be filled with water by yourself. There is a special mop. You only need to install the steps. After you install it, it will have a sound to install the mopping component. It has one part and three gears. In this way, you can control the wet cloth of the mop to achieve the effect you want.Xiaomi ROIDMI EVE Plus Review

In general, the Xiaomi ROIDMI EVE Plus a self-collecting dust sweeping robot from ROIDMI is excellent. Although this machine is not as smart as we thought, it is still very advanced compared to the past. I hope it will do better. Now that science and technology are advancing so fast, I think the kind of intelligence we are looking forward to should not be far away from us.

Where to buy Xiaomi ROIDMI EVE Plus Vacuum Cleaner?

Product is shipped from the European warehouse of Geekbuying, remember to select priority direct mail in order to have international tax free shipping. You can also check local warehouses offers, available directly on the product page!

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Xiaomi ROIDMI EVE Plus Review

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