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Yeelight YLXD76YL Smart Ceiling Light (Upgraded Version) a modern light source choice with flexible lighting, suitable for installation in many different spaces, is sure to be a great suggestion for you. For those who are looking to upgrade their home lighting system.Yeelight YLXD76YL Review


Yeelight YLXD76YL Specs:

Trademark Yeelight
Model YLXD76YL
Lamp shape Circle
Product dimensions Ø320 x 73mm
The color temperature of the lamp beads 2700K-6500K
Area applicable 15-20m²
Color rendering index Out 95 @ 4000K
Rated power 23W
Smart interaction Brightness control switch, remote control, voice control, control via App

Why should own Yeelight YLXD76YL Smart Ceiling Light (Upgraded Version)?

Compared to the previous generation, the upgraded version of  the Yeelight YLXD76YL LED ceiling light this time stands out because it possesses many outstanding improvements both in appearance and inside features. The cold and warm light can be adjusted with a high color rendering index through many intelligent control methods , and the wide illumination capacity also makes it suitable for installation in 20m² spaces. In addition, the dust-proof and insect-proof design helps the lamp always retain its inherent elegance and beauty over time.Yeelight YLXD76YL buy

Luxurious design, easy to disassemble and clean

Yeelight LED Ceiling Light (upgraded version) is a product produced for home lighting and interior decoration purposes. The device has a round shape with size Ø320 x 73mm , suitable for installation in any space in the house from living room to bedroom. Not only providing flexible lighting, but also extremely modern appearance of the lamp is also one of the outstanding advantages that make the lamp attract a lot of attention from users.Yeelight YLXD76YL specs Yeelight YLXD76YL features

The Yeelight YLXD76YL smart ceiling light has a quick-install module that enables users to easily disassemble and clean the lamp with just one slide of the slide lock. In addition, the design of the snug layers with a comprehensive sealing structure helps you to thoroughly solve the problem of flying insects and dust accumulating in the lampshade, helping the lamp always retain its inherent elegance. Yeelight YLXD76YL deal

High quality lamp beads for a soft light

Yeelight YLXD76YL incorporates high quality lamp beads, carefully designed and arranged for a more uniform and purer light. Specifically, the lamp uses 48 high CRI lamp beads with a color rendering index (Ra) of the entire lamp as high as 95 to  help restore natural light and effectively reduce visual impact due to the low color rendering index. . In addition, the entire lamp base is made of aluminum to improve heat dissipation efficiency, thereby increasing the life of the lamp beads.

Flexible brightness adjustment

Yeelight LED Ceiling Light (upgrade) uses soft light like “full moon” with flexible brightness adjustment to help users easily fall asleep, while the soft light emits light. also effectively protects eyesight Specifically, you can adjust the brightness of the lights to white light in summer to bring coolness and comfort, or use yellow light in winter to make the room brighter and more cozy.Yeelight YLXD76YL coupon

Smart control method

The Yeelight YLXD76YL  (upgraded version) ceiling light features a wide range of intelligent interactions, allowing users to manage and control through access to the Mijia and Apple Homekit apps . Specifically, you can use your iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and the Home app on the Macbook to control the lights with your voice through the XiaoAI speaker and the Siri virtual assistant .Yeelight YLXD76YL offer

In addition, users can also easily associate the lights with Apple Homekit smart home products to automatically turn on / off the light with just one touch on the smartphone. In addition, the ability to intelligently link with the Xiaomi band also makes the ceiling light easy to identify the user’s sleep status so that the light automatically turns off when you have fallen asleep.

In addition, the Yeelight YLXD76YL Smart Ceiling Light is also equipped with Atom ™ SLISAON technology initiated  by Yeelight to ensure the lamp is always on-line. Through a combination of hardware circuits and software agreement, after the wall switch turns off the lights, Yeelight LEDs can be switched on / off flexibly by voice and by remote control easily. .Yeelight YLXD76YL spain

Where to buy Yeelight YLXD76YL Smart Ceiling Light ?

Product is shipped from the Chinese warehouse of Banggood, remember to select priority direct mail in order to have international tax free shipping. You can also check local warehouses offers, available directly on the product page!

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