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YM RTGXY02 Office Swivel Chair – The most practical and economical solution to effectively overcome incorrect sitting posture, support back support and spine shaping, providing a comfortable and smooth feeling for user.YM RTGXY02

YM RTGXY02 Specs:

Trademark Yuemi
Model RTGXY02
Product dimensions 670 x 630 x 1030mm
Weight About 15kg
Material Mesh, plastic, metal
Color Black, orange, blue

Why should own a YM RTGXY02 Office Swivel Chair?

For desk work of office workers, correct and correct sitting posture is very important. YM RTGXY02 Office Swivel Chair with modern design, flexible adjustment according to the user’s physique and height will help you to sit comfortably and relax more comfortably. Thereby, supporting good care for the lumbar region and spine based on different sitting postures, effectively minimizing fatigue due to sitting for a long time.

Large backrest angle, minimizes pressure on the spine

YM RTGXY02 Office Swivel Chair possesses a modern design with the waist part that can be freely adjusted up and down, adapting to many different body designs. This design significantly reduces the pressure on the back, thereby supporting good care for the spine.YM RTGXY02 USA

In addition, the backrest of the chair also has a large reclining angle to help the body relax at any time, thereby minimizing the force exerted on the spine. At the same time, the chair’s moderate recline from 90 ° -110 ° is also suitable for use with a variety of people.

In addition, users can also lock the backrest of the chair in one of two vertical positions and the maximum tilt angle to avoid back pressure when lying on your back, thereby shaping the standard spine curve when sitting upright. back.YM RTGXY02 UK

Flexible headrest design, integrated 2D armrest

The large-sized headrest can be height adjusted and raised up to 7cm , meeting all needs for each different body shape. The flexible headrest design helps support the weight of the head, while significantly reducing the pressure on the neck, assisting the user to relax comfortably “just like” when leaning back.

YM RTGXY02 Office Swivel Chair is also integrated 2D armrest , supports flexible adjustment in 4 directions up-down and front-back. In addition, the height adjustment button of the armrest can also be easily operated for each different sitting position, effectively preventing hand fatigue when sitting on the chair for a long time.YM RTGXY02 Germany

Use a thick foam mattress, creating a comfortable feeling when sitting

Yn  swivel seats are also equipped with a thick foam cushion that creates a smoother and more comfortable sitting feeling than conventional chairs. At the same time, the monolithic foam cushioning structure provides durability and does not easily deform when sitting for a long time. Moreover, the cushion’s plump, rounded design also helps to significantly reduce the pressure on the user’s thigh.

The seat piston is made of explosion-proof gas bar KGS from Dajing brand, supports the height-low adjustment of the chair, smooth up-and-down without much effort, ensuring a steady sitting. , does not falter.YM RTGXY02 France

High-quality, durable materials with 3 color versions

The backrest and head of the YM RTGXY02 Office Swivel Chair are covered with high-quality mesh material , with moderate elasticity, giving users a comfortable and airy feeling when sitting. In addition, the lower supporting frame is made from explosion-proof steel , ensuring safety during use.YM RTGXY02 Spain

In addition, the chair legs are also finished from durable PA plastic , bringing high aesthetics to the product. In particular, the design of the smooth and quiet moving wheel, no noise is also the highlight that makes the Yuemi RTGXY02 swivel chair stand out from normal office chairs.YM RTGXY02 Spain

The YM RTGXY02 Office Swivel Chair has 3 beautiful colors : orange, black and blue, giving users the freedom to choose colors that suit each individual preference.YM RTGXY02 Italy

Where to buy YM RTGXY02 Office Swivel Chair?

Product is shipped from the Chinese warehouse of Banggood, remember to select priority direct mail in order to have international tax free shipping. You can also check local warehouses offers, available directly on the product page!

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