Ninebot F25 Electric Scooter launched at $244 with 10-inch tires

Today on March 26th 2021, Ninebot the sub-brand of Xiaomi has come up with the new electric scooter. With the foldable design, the scooter is named Ninebot F25 electric scooter. The design of the scooter is similar to the Mijia scooters from Xiaomi.

Features of Ninebot F25 Electric scooter:

Due to the ease of maintenance and usage, electric scooters have become the need of time all over the world. Since last year electric scooters were not in demand due to pandemic. As the now unlocking period has started, the demand for electric scooters will start again. So, Ninebot is always set to keep the demands of customers with upgraded scooters.

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In the old version of electric scooters, the tires easily get puncture and customers get frustrated using these scooters. But now, in Ninebot F25 electric scooter, the 10-inch high-elastic tires are more durable. Along with this, the new tyres are non-slippery on wet roads.

Ninebot F25 Electric Scooter Europe

To run the electric scooter, the Ninebot E25 comes with a brushless and hall-less motor. This motor comes with a life span of 3000 hours. The high-cycle ternary lithium battery will retain up to 70% of its life after 5 years. The scooter comes with a power rating of 300W and a range of 20KM.

Ninebot F25 Electric Scooter China

In the display section, the scooter comes with an LED display on the handle. Customer can switch the scooter between three modes, (Energy-saving mode, Standard Mode, and Sports Mode). In energy mode, the scooter can run at a maximum speed of 15km/h, and in other modes, it can run 25km/h.

Ninebot F25 Electric Scooter USA

In other respects, the Ninebot F25 Electric Scooter is equipped with BMS management technology, which closely monitors the working status of the battery at all times and provides multiple protections.

The Ninebot F25 electric Scooter is now available to purchase at only $244.

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