FIMI X8 MINI vs DJI Mini 2: Best Drones under 250grams

Mostly the drone pilots love the lightweight drones. If you are the one and looking for a new drone under 250 grams then you must read our depth comparison of FIMI X8 MINI vs DJI MINI 2. Both of the drones come with similar specs and similar design. But which is best for your money? Let’s find out!

DJI Mini 2 was launched back in November 2020. In 2020, this was the only 4K drone under 250 grams. No doubt DJI is best in the business of drones. The market leaders are always at the best and come up with safer drones.

On another side, FIMI, the brand launched in 2014 is also not behind in surprising customers with its cool features and competing with DJI.

FIMI X8 MINI Vs DJI MINI 2 Comparison:

FIMI X8 MINI vs DJI MINI 2 Battery Life:

The DJI drone comes with a 2S/2250 mAh battery which gives a flight time of around 31 minutes. Whereas, the FIMI drone is powered by two batteries. One is the Standard 2S LIPO with 7.2V 2400 mAh, this gives about 30 minutes of flight time. Second is the Pro 2S LiHV pack with a 7.7V 2250 mAh battery, it gives about 31 minutes of flight time.

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FIMI X8 MINI Hands on

FIMI X8 MINI vs DJI MINI 2 Camera:

The two of the drones are 4K and comes with UHD cameras recording 4K@30fps videos. Similar to the FIMI X8 SE 2020, the drones adopts 3-axis mechanical stabilization. The downside of the drones is they damage permanently every time even on small crashes. Till day, no one can find an easy and cheap solution to this.


While the MINI 2 adopts OcuSync 2.0 communication system, the FIMI MINI upgraded TDMA transmission. The quality and range of video transmission depend on environmental factors such as radio interference, obstacles between the drone and the controller, local RF regulations, and even wind speed. The max flight range of the MINI2 in the US (FCC) is 10 KM. By comparison, its FIMI opponent has up to 8Km.

Our Verdict:

The two drones come with almost the same and impressive features. The control range and flight time of drones are the same. Both of them comes identically with 3-Axis mechanical image stabilization.
Comparing FIMI X8 MINI vs DJI MINI 2 is difficult and find a winner. The price of DJI MINI 2 is around $449, and FIMI X8 MINI is about $399 estimated.

They continuously offer software and firmware upgrades that not just eliminate bugs and issues, but also add new functionalities.
Remember that only the ‘Pro’ version of FIMI MINI is under 250 grams and does not require FAA registration.

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