Best Chuwi laptops 2021: Best 5 Chinese Notebooks

The global pandemic was a tragedy to the world where hundreds of thousands of people suffered. Along with humans, the economy of the countries too suffered. To support the global economy from 4.4% caused due to Covid-19, IMF in their press conference says, the economy of the globe will grow by 5.5% in 2021 and 4.2% in 2022. We are now going through the unlocking sessions and to grow the economy, the IT sector is the one that is going to help the world. To support this, computers and laptops will play a vital role. Xiaomi Today have analyzed and brought the viewers the Best Chuwi Laptops 2021. 

Xiaomi Today often brings the best out of the market for the viewers, and we will continue to do so. If you are new you must have a look at our brief past. Most of our products are affordable for all the customers with high-end specs. Now, this is the Spring Period and the best time to expand every business at the start of the new financial year. Here we have brought the Best Chuwi Laptops of 2021. These are also the best laptops from the company in the past few years. 

Best Chuwi Laptops 2021:


Chuwi Gemibook Pro:

Gemibook Pro is the latest laptop from the company launched in Feb 2021. Chuwi by creating this laptop have surprised the customers. With the superior models. With the 14-inch display, customers get everything they require. This is one of the spectacular screens which is right for you. 

Chuwi Gemibook Pro Review

Gemibook Pro comes with 16GB of RAM and 512GB storage. With the premium design, the laptop comes with a 180-degree hinge. In addition to this, you get dual-band Wi-Fi and Bluetooth v5.1. 

Chuwi Corebook Pro:

 After the launch of the tiny Larkbox PC, now is the time for Chuwi Corebook pro to excite us with one intriguing unique selling point. Chuwi Corebook Pro is a squarer laptop in shape rather than the rectangular one. This laptop is similar to the apple mac series, where the screen is higher as compared to the keyboard. With the full metal Chassis and space grey colour scheme, the laptop gives a premium look. 

Chuwi Corebook Pro Review

 The heart of the Chuwi Corebook pro is the Intel Core i3-6157U CPU. If you are wondering why this processor, then the answer is the cheap price which will compete with other laptops in the market. 

 The 8GB DDR4 RAM and 256GB internal storage laptop comes with a 13-inch display and 2160 X 1440-pixel resolution. The downside which visitors should know is the CPU warms up a lot. 

 You won’t find a laptop with this higher resolution at this cheaper price. To get one visit the buy now link below. 

 Chuwi HeroBook Plus:

Chuwi Herobook Plus is the new version of Chuwi laptops. The CPU in the new laptop Is Celeron J4125 with the Gemini Lake. With 12GB RAM and 256GB internal storage, the laptop gives enough space and better performance. 

best Chinese Notebooks 2021

The 15-inch IPS LCD similar to the other Herobook laptops provides a greater display, best for photoshop and gaming too. 

The lightweight (1.6kg) laptop can be used as a mobile laptop with thin bezels and low cost. The laptop is made up of plastic with a good texture.

Chuwi Corebook X:

The new 2K laptop from Chuwi is the new launch with an i5-7267U processor. After the Corebook Pro, this is the improved version of the Corebook series. With 14-inch 2K display and 2160 X 1440pixel resolution, laptop comes with 3:2 aspect ratio. 

Corebook X Review

The lightest laptop of all Chuwi laptops is Chuwi Corebook X with only 780 grams of weight. The screen maximum opening angle is 145 degree. The laptop comes with 16GB DDR4 RAM and 256GB of internal storage. 

The laptop can easily handle the 4K videos editing supporting Windows 10.

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