ZTE S30 Pro to come with 144Hz OLED Screen: Officially announced

Today on March 12th, 2021, ZTE, as mentioned in our news a few days back, is warming up for its new smartphone. ZTE is getting ready to launch the ZTE AXON smartphone, but along with it, we will get a new smartphone of S Series. Today finally, the company has revealed the features of the ZTE S30 Pro smartphone. Two days back, Xiaomi Today brought up the news about this smartphone. The “Stars and Sea” color scheme smartphone will endorse by Liu Haocun.

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Features of ZTE S30 Pro:

ZTE is warming up with the new smartphones after the news of the AXON series smartphone. Now here is the news leak of the new S Series smartphone. ZTE S30 Pro shines much more today in the market with a 144Hz high-brush OLED screen.

ZTE S30 Pro Korea

There is only one news leak; that is, the front-facing camera will come with a 44 MP front camera. So now, with the S30 Pro smartphone, users will get better selfies. Also, the video conferencing will be fun with this update. The last news and the new posters leaks suggest that the S30 Pro will come with the quad-camera setup. The primary camera will 64 MP.

Xiaomi Today expects more color variants in the S30 Pro smartphone. The leaks related to this is only a single Blue powder Gradient, symbolising the:” Sea.”

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