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ZTE S poster reveals camera Specs: Will have 64MP Quad Setup

Today on March 10th 2021, the late night news from Xiaomi Today is about ZTE. ZTE have planned to launch the new series of smartphone. The ZTE was going to launch the ZTE Axon 30 Pro smartphone soon, but now along with this also we will witness the new series smartphones. In this new series, the first smartphone to launch will ZTE S. Xiaomi Today brought up the first look of the new launching smartphone.


Features of ZTE S Smartphone:


The CEO of ZTE revealed the first look of the smartphone on Weibo . However we can see only the back side of the smartphone, showing the quad camera setup.

The new smartphone as shown in the image will come with four camera setup. The main camera will 64MP as mentioned above. There is still no news on other remaining three lenses. The cameras of the smartphone have the dual finish. Most of the parts are smooth and other has a glistering finish.


From the image Xiaomi Today learnt that the new ZTE S smartphone will be curved from the back. It looks like the rear part of the smartphone is made up of glass and the image shows the smartphone will come with pink-blue gradient. We are sure there will other variants in colors and also, the appearance of smartphone will improve more.

Still there are many more news which will come out before the launch of smartphone. Xiaomi Today will bring you every update on the smartphone. Make sure you bookmark our page and get the updates of latest tech products everyday.

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