Yoobao 324Wh 90000mAh Power Station Offered for $239.99

You and I may laugh at the name that this company has chosen to introduce itself to the world, however, its Power Station is not just for laughs. The  GIOUMPAO then, with his name, brings the ultimate Monster in Power Stations at a price not to say economic, but certainly reasonable for everything all offered.

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Yoobao 324Wh – Check the price at Banggood


“Everything” could easily be her motto if she was based in Greece and that is because she will literally charge whatever you ask of her! This is a BEAST with a 90.000mAh battery with  300W being the total output of watts that it can give to your devices!

Despite the brutal battery, however, charging is VERY fast, since the jumbao Power Station only needs 8 eggs to reach 100% (with a fast charger)! It is compatible with any device you can think of to charge it, from headphones, mobile phones, portable gaming machines, to tablets, laptops, and projectors!

In fact, it has the ability to charge a device with a very fast charge of  60W (in Power Delivery compatible devices), while others will “drink his blood” in a slower pattern.

Everything, all my friends, you will have this beast with you in the car and you will never be without energy! What else should I add? You can even cook with portable cooking utensils with the tool! It supports various protocols, such as  QC3.0, FCP  (Huawei),  AFC  (Samsung), and  PD as we wrote above. It has different ways to charge it, as in addition to the classic (and faster by far) way of the socket, it also charges with a solar panel and with the car lighter. Finally, it has the classic, in such devices,  LED light that I will not write light because it is very powerful, while it also has  SOS  mode (away from us).

In connectivity, it has three USB ports (5V / 2.4A and 5V / 3A 9V / 2A 12V / 1.5A), the PD, the port for the car lighter, and the large socket that needs an adapter in our parts to work. It weighs three kilos, its dimensions are  22.6 × 14.6 × 14.5 cm, it has a carrying handle and it comes in a very nice package.

At Banggood you will find it at  $239.99 and although – as we said – you will need to put your hand deep in your pocket, it is worth it to the last cent. It even comes from the  Czech warehouse of Banggood!

Yoobao 324Wh – Check the price at Banggood

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