Xiaomi EraClean Pro Ultrasonic Cleaner Now Available at $24.44

Watches, jewelry, glasses, razors, baby’s pacifiers, various items that accompany us in life, various stains hidden in the surface and crevices, daily cleaning is difficult to remove, affecting our mood and health. Ultrasonic cleaning machines like Xiaomi EraClean Pro Ultrasonic Cleaner , let your personal items look new-new

As an explosive sales of ultrasonic cleaner, EraClean recently launched the Xiaomi EraClean Pro Ultrasonic Cleaner. Its the upgraded version of the cleaning machine Pro, which can now be recharged and comes with a plastic grille. It is currently on sale on Banggood , priced at $44.99, and the price/performance ratio is not bad.Xiaomi EraClean Pro

EraClean Pro Specs:

Brand EraClean (Xiaomi Youpin)
Type Ultrasonic Cleaner Pro Version
Material ABS+SUS304 Stainless Steel
Cleaner Types Ultrasonic Cleaner
Color White
Timing 3 Minutes
Rated Voltage 12V
Rated Power 15W
Product Weight 345g
In-tank Size 158mm x 68.5mm x 38.5mm
Product size 211mm x 100.8mm x 60.2mm
Product weight 0.345 kg


High-frequency vibration separates the air and water in the liquid to form 50-500um bubbles, which expand and burst under the action of sound pressure, reaching an instantaneous impact force of 1000 atmospheres, constantly washing the surface of the object, making dust, bacteria, and oil stains emulsify , Peeling, cleaning up to micron-level gaps.

The sweat deposited in the watch chain emits a very unpleasant smell. Jewelry becomes old-fashioned under the action of oxygen; the fingerprints on the glasses are wiped away and turned into oil mist; the mold on the makeup brush forcibly crawls into your pores; complicated The cleaning of the razor head makes it impossible to start.

Clean and care for your baby’s health. The baby is naughty and puts everything he likes in his mouth. Pacifiers, chewing gums, children’s toys, thoroughly clean, so parents can feel at ease.\


The Xiaomi EraClean Pro Ultrasonic Cleaner touch button design style is simple and elegant. Inheriting the Nordic design style, there is no complex carving, simple, natural, and texture. Every curve has its own heart. The corner of the table is simple and elegant.

Intimately designed item cleaning tank has a multi-purpose cleaning tank to avoid scattered objects and concentrated cleaning of objects, making it easier and faster to clean glasses, watches, and jewelry.

The Type-C fast charging interface is suitable for all types of Type-C chargers. EraClean Pro Ultrasonic Cleaner can be used for about 20 days after charging for 2 hours and has a larger battery capacity.

Quiet, small, quietly accompanied by a busy day, leaving traces of fatigue in the washing machine. Lightly press the touch button to turn  EraClean Pro Ultrasonic Cleaner on, saying good night, and the three-minute cleaning time will bring you the cleanliness of tomorrow.

Where to buy Xiaomi EraClean Pro Ultrasonic Cleaner?

Product is shipped from the Chinese warehouse of Banggood, remember to select priority direct mail in order to have international tax free shipping. You can also check local warehouses offers, available directly on the product page!

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