Trouver Vacuum Cleaners: A new Brand from Xiaomi Dreame

Trouver, a brand new launched from Xiaomi, launched in the ecological chain under the sub-brand Dreame technology. The new brand aims to bring the latest technology with cost-effective products. Trouver is the brand that will only launch vacuum cleaners. The Trouver Vacuum Cleaners will be based on Dreame technology after the independent research and development of high-speed motors.

Trouver Finder

Now the trover is launching its new vacuum cleaner named Finder in Korea. The Biomaterial Mechanics will jointly present the launch from the University of Liverpool, which echoes TROUVER’s commitment to creating next-level products that combine powerful core tech for the young generation.

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Features of Trouver Finder Vacuum Cleaner:

With its powerful suction featuring a sweep and mop two-in-one function and a Laser Distance Sensor (LDS) unmanned navigation system, Finder is designed to relieve the young generation from house-cleaning tasks with a 360-degree comprehensive, in-depth smart cleaning experience.


The LDS navigation, verified by the National Radio Research Agency in Korea, allows Finder to get a full scan of a house using a 6-meter radius. Along with its self-developed Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM) path planning algorithm and a dual-core processor, the vacuum cleaner has advanced smart mapping and efficient whole-house cleaning capabilities.

Trouver Vacuum Cleaner FINDER Suction:

To enable a thorough cleaning experience, the Finder introduces the sweep and mop two-in-one function. Its 2000Pa suction can also clean surfaces with four modes, including removing dust, hair, and debris, enhancing the cleaning effect with one simple step.

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The advanced vacuum cleaner also guarantees a long duration and a strong performance by applying a brushless motor and 270ml water tank to make mopping closer to the ground. A smart connection system with voice control will ensure a customized cleaning experience for users.

Trouver Finder Vacuum Cleaner

“The Finder showcases how TROUVER is creating a smart home for our consumers where they can truly enjoy their time at home without the chore of house-cleaning. It is a comprehensive demonstration of our technologies, including the smart home connections that enable remote management with enhanced cleaning effect such as suction power control, mapping and power management as well as the setting up of virtual walls,” said Weisheng Zhang, President of TROUVER.

Trouver Finder

Pioneering in technology, industrial design, art, and fashion crossover and a supply chain matrix, TROUVER has applied innovative technology, cutting-edge design, and materials science in its product development which empowered by over 300 professionals in advanced aerospace technology backgrounds.


Here are some other Flagship models from Trouver which users might also love to have a look at:

1. Trouver Power 11: 

Trouver Power 11 is a handheld vacuum cleaner with a 400W motor and 20000Pa strong suction. The high-dynamic calibration and less energy consumption will increase the life of vacuum cleaners. The 2500mAh lithium battery will provide a longer battery life. The vacuum cleaner comes with an LED display that will help the user control the power and other settings. The Trouver Power 11 is now available at $169.99 with the coupon provided below.

Trouver Power 11

Coupon: POWER 11

2. Trouver Solo 10:

Another handheld cordless vacuum cleaner from trouver comes with a 300W motor and 18000Pa strong suction. With almost the same features, SOLO 10 is the predecessor to the Power 11. The vacuum cleaner comes with a 2000mAh battery which will run vacuum cleaner for about 48 minutes. With the same LED display and removable dust cup, the users can use it for a value less than Power 11. Trouver SOLO 10 is available for only $139.99 after the coupon.

Trouver SOLO 10

Coupon: SOLO 10

 TROUVER is also working with people across industries, cooperating with the UK Butler Group, experts from universities and institutions, and experimental fashion and fashion artists. The company is making efforts to provide more consumers with higher quality products. It integrate multiple trendy elements among the young generation.

With its advanced factories and labs located in Beijing, Shanghai, Suzhou, and Hangzhou. TROUVER’s ground-breaking products have been sold in Europe, Middle East, Australia, Southeast Asia, and East Asia.



TROUVER belongs to a crucial leading enterprise of the Xiaomi ecological chain — Dreame Technology. Pioneering in technology, industrial design, art, and fashion crossover and supply a chain matrix. TROUVER is committed to creating next-level products that combine the powerful core technology for young people.

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