TROUVER SOLO 10 Review: deeply clean every corner of the home

It is said that lazy people change the world. As life gets better and better, vacuum cleaners have become a must-have item for household cleaning. From old machines with cords to wireless charging styles, we enjoy the convenience brought by technology. Today I bring you an out-of-the-box evaluation of the Xiaomi wireless vacuum cleaner TROUVER SOLO 10 , a cooperative brand of the British Butler Association, to see if it is a labor-saving and worry-free housework.

Xiaomi’s new lightweight vacuum cleaner TROUVER SOLO 10, the world premiere, perfectly meets everyones requirements. Today’s protagonist is it. First let me repeat the rainbow fart of it: TROUVER is a brand new private brand launched in 2020. The new brand targets young white-collar users. The appearance is extremely simple and elegant, and it looks like a young man. Its strong suction power, 8W rotating brushless motor, 18000Pa super suction power, enough for me to suck all the snack residue scattered on the sofa floor into the separate dust cup. One-button dusting is particularly convenient. The built-in 2000 mAh battery can provide up to 48 minutes of battery life and can help me complete the cleaning tasks of the whole house.


Good-looking, practical and simple, three words run through the entire designTROUVER SOLO 10 TROUVER SOLO 10

TROUVER SOLO 10 vacuum cleaner adopts the aesthetics of contemporary vacuum cleaners. The metal connecting rod is flame lava red. It is very textured. With a bright white body, there is a touch of warmth and jade in the vitality, which is very suitable for young people. Jane aesthetic.

There is no wire bondage, and it can be taken when you hang it on the wall. The gaps in the sofa and the corners of the wall that are usually difficult to clean can be thoroughly cleaned up at one time.

The seemingly heavy body is actually the weight of a frying pan. In the ground vacuum mode, the weight perceivable by the hand is almost negligible. Using the inertia of the rolling brush, just hold it slightly and move it gently. Push forward and you can walk, which is super labor-saving.TROUVER SOLO 10 TROUVER SOLO 10 TROUVER SOLO 10

The most user-friendly part is that there are three small wheels on the suction head. In addition, the brush head and the metal connecting rod can be bent 180° respectively, making it easier to push and walk around, and it is also convenient to clean the hard-to-reach places such as the bottom of the sofa. Minimize the exertion of the wrist and achieve the largest cleaning area.TROUVER SOLO 10

As a vacuum cleaner that can clean the floor and can suck sofa seams and corners, the TROUVER SOLO 10 vacuum cleaner has a large suction power of 18000Pa, especially dust, hair, and food scraps can be easily solved, leaving no residue, and the effect is very significant .TROUVER SOLO 10

In addition to the soft velvet roller brush suction head, it is also equipped with a two-in-one flat suction head, which allows you to clean a large area and suck away the garbage on the ground, but also to do fine work, suck away the cobwebs and dead corners of the ceiling. Of debris and dust.TROUVER SOLO 10

The main screen is an LED color screen, which displays the remaining power and gear position. The lock button at the top of the screen can be activated/unlocked after being pressed. The bottom button is a three-stage suction adjustment, up to 18000Pa suction, such as mung beans, potato chips, etc., can be easily sucked in.TROUVER SOLO 10

Press and hold the key to start, release to close, super simple operation. Combined with the lock function at the top of the screen, the continuous working mode can be turned on, without the need to press all the time, and the cleaning can last up to 48 minutes, which has met the cleaning needs of most whole houses. As long as you are in the locked state, you can press the switch to enter the continuous working mode at any time, avoiding to repeatedly open the locked state every time. I like this very user-friendly design.TROUVER SOLO 10

The complete TROUVER SOLO 10 set includes a soft velvet floor brush with independent motor, accompanying suction head holder, two-in-one flat suction head, body, metal connecting rod, and a charging fixing box and a charger attached to the wall.

You can use one body to form a variety of combinations to easily cope with a variety of cleaning needs. For example, use a flat suction head to clean furniture. If you want to be longer, put on a metal connecting rod + two-in-one flat suction head. If you want to clean up the small cracks in the corners, you can put on a flat tube to completely “pull out” the dust and debris that has been hidden in the gap for many years, which is very practical.TROUVER SOLO 10

It can be pulled out by simply pressing the release button, and it can be installed with a click of the installation alignment. The raised part is guaranteed not to be installed incorrectly. It is a very simple and practical installation method. Lightweight and dexterous, it is worthy of being a new lightweight cordless vacuum cleaner.

TROUVER SOLO 10 : 8W turn high-energy brushless motor, 18000Pa high suction power, strong performance

My requirements for wireless vacuum cleaners, in addition to considering battery life, the more core points are power and suction. The main unit of the TROUVER SOLO 10 vacuum cleaner has a rated power of 300W and a brushless motor with up to 8W revolutions, which can provide a large suction power of 18000Pa. The dynamic balance of the motor is calibrated to 0.0025g.

TROUVER SOLO 10 vacuum cleaner adopts DualCool air-cooling optimization adjustment technology, which makes it more excellent heat dissipation and better performance. When cleaning, the cool breeze can be clearly sensed from the air outlet on the side of the main unit, and the unit will not overheat after long-term operation.TROUVER SOLO 10

It is also very simple to clean and dispose of the garbage in the dust cup, just press the round button on the dust cup to remove it from the body.TROUVER SOLO 10

For the disassembled dust cup, press the side button to pour dust with one button, so that you can clean your hands without getting dirty.TROUVER SOLO 10

It is easy to clean if it is dirty. The buckle at the bottom of the roller brush head can be opened as soon as it is pulled, and the roller brush can be used after being washed and dried with water or cleaning fluid.TROUVER SOLO 10

The dust cup and filter element can also be washed directly with water, yes! TROUVER SOLO 10 vacuum cleaner carries a HEPA filter element, a multi-cone cyclone dust collection design, a super filtering effect, and easily saves consumables. It can be recycled after cleaning with water and drying for 24 hours.TROUVER SOLO 10

Normally, the dust cup can be cleaned only once a month, and the filter element can be cleaned once 3-4 months, which is especially suitable for lazy people like me.


In fact, what I hate is not cleaning, but the use of brooms and difficult vacuum cleaners to clean. TROUVER SOLO 10 vacuum cleaner makes it easy to sweep the floor, and it can also clean all kinds of dead corners. Every time I clean up areas that I haven’t touched all the year round (such as window slits, computer keyboards), I am shocked that I am living in such a dirty way every day. Dirty environment.

Finally, this is it! Xiaomi’s new lightweight vacuum cleaner TROUVER SOLO 10  is currently the world’s premiere. I feel that there is too much dust in my house and I don’t want to clean it manually. Having a decent wireless vacuum cleaner may make you fall in love with cleaning.

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Where to buy TROUVER SOLO 10 Vacuum Cleaner?

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Price Without Coupon Code: $149.99
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