TROUVER POWER 11 Review: A must-have vacuum cleaner for housewives

With the advancement of technology and the continuous improvement of living standards, more and more families have begun to use sweeping robots or vacuum cleaners to free themselves from cleaning their homes. In daily life, from the cleaning of dust and pet hair, the filtering of mites in sofas and beds, to the tidy maintenance of desktops, bookcases, window frames, curtains, etc., a handy wireless handheld vacuum cleaner is quite necessary. The TROUVER POWER 11 the flagship model of TROUVER, which is going to open the box for everyone this time, is a must-have good thing that can meet the clean environment of the whole house in all directions at one time.TROUVER POWER 11


The appearance design of TROUVER POWER 11 is very in line with the aesthetics of modern young people, simple and dynamic in color matching. The fuselage adopts a fashionable and versatile combination of creamy white, rose red and transparent, which will not appear obtrusive in every corner of the home.TROUVER POWER 11

TROUVER POWER 11 includes a complete set of standard vacuum accessories, vacuum cleaner body, main suction head “soft velvet roller brush nozzle”, “electric mite removal brush nozzle”, “two-in-one flat brush nozzle” and vertical hanger . In addition to the lack of an electric roller brush for carpet suction, the three suction heads included can meet the needs of most families.TROUVER POWER 11

Next, let’s take a look at the main body of the vacuum cleaner.

TROUVER POWER 11 focuses on “light energy”. In the core component of the vacuum cleaner, a new generation of AERO4.0 high-speed motor is used, with a diameter of only 5cm, which makes it lighter; but in terms of power, it has reached a high speed of 10W. The large suction power of 20kPa and the suction power up to 120AW solves the common problem of poor suction power of lightweight vacuum cleaners, and the startup speed is as fast as 0.4 seconds.TROUVER POWER 11

There is a built-in LED screen on the back of the fuselage, which can display the current machine status, suction gear, remaining battery capacity, and fault reminders.TROUVER POWER 11

There is a physical button on the top and bottom of the LED screen, the bottom is the suction gear button, the three levels of suction can be adjusted; the top is the lock button, after entering the locked state, pressing the switch will enter the continuous working mode, allowing you to hold your hand in the most natural way Style cleaning and cleaning.TROUVER POWER 11

The built-in detachable battery with a capacity of 2500mAh can provide up to 60 minutes of battery life (in a suction mode), which is more than enough for cleaning indoor environments. Of course, if a single battery cannot meet your cleaning needs, you can purchase a spare battery, which can provide double the battery life.TROUVER POWER 11

At the same time, the fuselage of TROUVER POWER 11 is also equipped with a five-layer filtration system, which filters dust, dust mites, etc., and suspended particles as small as 0.3? can be intercepted by the HEPA filter to discharge fresh air without causing damage to the environment. Secondary pollution.TROUVER POWER 11

The metal mesh, cyclone filter, HEPA filter and other accessories and consumables included in the filtration system can be disassembled and washed directly to solve the growth of bacteria from the source and keep it clean at all times.TROUVER POWER 11

Thanks to the DualCool air-cooled self-adjusting technology independently developed by TROUVER, the specially designed exhaust channel is used to discharge the heat during the working process of the motor and the battery pack, so as to perform more efficient and instant heat dissipation, ensuring that the motor and the battery pack can be Operate in a more ideal state.TROUVER POWER 11

TROUVER POWER 11 is also very well designed in terms of ergonomically designed counterweights. It can be lifted with one hand and used to clean high places, such as ceilings, curtains and other difficult-to-clean places, which is relatively labor-saving.TROUVER POWER 11

In addition, the free vertical hanger not only eliminates the need to punch holes on the wall, but also provides a dedicated storage location for the suction head. When you need to use it, you can take it down and you can vacuum well. After cleaning, you can put it back and charge it immediately.TROUVER POWER 11

TROUVER POWER 11 Functional tip

Different cleaning areas can get twice the result with half the effort with the corresponding suction head. TROUVER POWER 11 includes an extension rod and three suction heads. You can use different suction heads to clean various cleaning areas. Whether it is the cracks, the floor, the bed and the textiles, it can be spotless.TROUVER POWER 11

Soft velvet roller brush nozzle

The soft velvet roller brush suction head is the main suction head. It is equipped with a motor drive and a large diameter soft velvet roller. It is most suitable for cleaning the floor in a large area without damaging the floor.TROUVER POWER 11

Domestic households are mainly based on hard floors, such as wood floors, tile floors, marble floors, etc. In these scenes, the use of this soft velvet roller brush suction head is most suitable, and the cleaning efficiency is extremely high.TROUVER POWER 11

This suction head of TROUVER POWER 11 adopts a quick-release design, and the soft pile can be taken out for cleaning by clicking on the buckle with the triangle logo, which is much more convenient to disassemble than some button buckle types.TROUVER POWER 11

Electric mite removal brush suction head

For beds, sofas, pillows and other places where bacteria and dust mites are often hidden, you can choose this electric mite removal brush to remove deep dust mites.TROUVER POWER 11

TROUVER POWER 11: 2 in 1 flat brush tip

The furniture in the home environment, the gaps of the sofa, the sliding rail of the sliding door or the high places of the curtains, etc., are especially easy to hide dirt and dirt. This two-in-one flat brush suction head comes in handy. It goes deep into the gaps to suck away dust and snacks.

  • Clean the high part of the curtain
  • Clean the gaps and skirtings of the sofaTROUVER POWER 11
  • The keyboard is also a place where dust often accumulatesTROUVER POWER 11

to sum up

Although I have been using Dyson’s wireless vacuum cleaner V6 model at home, the experience given to me by TROUVER POWER 11 can be said to be exclaiming the rise of domestic products. There is almost no difference in the experience of the two models, POWER 11 The price is only $179.99, it has high value and strength, 10W high-speed motor, 20kPa high suction power, up to 120AW suction power, and strong performance. Among the hundred dollar wireless vacuum cleaners, it can be regarded as a very competitive model in the same price range

Where to buy TROUVER POWER 11 Vacuum Cleaner?

Product is shipped from the Poland warehouse of Geekbuying, remember to select priority direct mail in order to have international tax free shipping. You can also check local warehouses offers, available directly on the product page!

Price Without Coupon Code: $179.99
Price With Coupon Code: ($169.99): TROUVER

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