Proscenic M8 Pro Robot vacuum cleaner now for just $549.99

House cleaning is not easy in the recent times without the vacuum cleaners. In the market there are several products like handheld and cyclonic vacuum cleaners which also requires user to use them. But different from them, there are the robot vacuum cleaners and today there is the new Proscenic M8 Pro which standalone differently from other vacuum cleaners.


Features of Proscenic M8 Pro Robot vacuum cleaner:


How is this useful smart cleaning accessory structured? The design is certainly in line with the best competitors in the sector, although theM8 Pro still manages to stand out for its elegance. Even more, however, it does so with the power that comes from its hardware.

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Proscenic M8 Pro

In fact, the robot of Proscenic is equipped with a capacious battery from 5200 mAh, but also a powerful system of IPNAS 4.0 laser sensors, which allow to obtain a more accurate precision than its predecessors, with a suction power increased by the double. This allows him to avoid all obstacles without any kind of problem.

Proscenic M8 Pro

From the cleaning functions to the organization of the same thanks to the smart system iRoom. It allows you to determine the rooms to be cleaned, the times and more. The gem, however, is the robot’s self-cleaning system. When once finished goes to place itself in its base that empties the dust and other elements leaving the tank clean.


Proscenic M8 Pro Robot vacuum cleaner is now available to purchase from different online platforms. Xiaomi Today have now brought the best price of the product on the internet. Click on the buy now button below to get the product now.

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