CIGA Design X Series Mechanical Watch (Stainless) Hands-On Review

World's First Hollow-Design Masterpiece With Incredible X Design and Innovative Suspension System

As a product that defines time, watches have recorded the continuous changes of time over the past century, and have also created a variety of different forms to be displayed to everyone. Round, square, or unique designs attract many watch lovers. However, there is a very special watch that is even more fascinating; this is the hollow mechanical watch. It uses a unique beauty of perspective to show people that continuous power. CIGA Design, as a manufacturer of the ecological chain of the Xiaomi Youpin platform, has been strongly sought after by friends from all walks of life for its unique hollow aesthetics and innovative appearance.

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Recently, following the big sales of the full skeleton mechanical watch in the early period, a new mechanical watch. X Series has been launched again. This is the fourth masterpiece from the Chinese original design team. It not only follows the double-sided hollow design of the CIGA mechanical watch but also In appearance, a more refined stainless steel case is used. A really beautiful watch still has a lot to offer. If you like unusual and modern design, the CIGA Design X Series Mechanical Watch could be the right choice. The Ret Dot Design and German Design Award Winner 2020 can still be purchased for a few days at a reduced crowdfunding price.

CIGA Design is a partner company of the MIOT ecosystem that specializes in creating stylish and original watches in stunning impressive designs. The X Series is no exception, Its mechanical watch, with an automatic movement that is charged by movement, attracts attention at first sight. Interesting colors, stainless steel, incredibly interesting form factor – all this is in the wristwatches of the X Series models. Of course, the dial is protected by super-hard (9 on the Mohs scale) glass made of artificial sapphire, and the strap of the accessory is traditionally comfortable.


The outer packaging of the CIGA Design X Series Mechanical Watch is eye-catching, and the entire packaging shell is designed as a book.

Turning over the cover, the circle digging hole in the middle of the title page just reveals the dialer, you can intuitively feel the power of the mechanical watch at first glance. The following wording “hear the heartbeat of the machine” is also very suitable.

Turn one more page, it is our product itself. CIGA Design X Series Mechanical Watch body, a Versatile Silicone Strap, and a black Nylon Strap. The watch and the strap were separated and stuck in the card slot. The main body of the watch, the hollow design is still very beautiful, which gives me a sense of surprise. Looking at the strap again, the boxing is upside-down, which is a bit too informal. The straps and watch are all taken out, and the black is still very attractive.

This book-style packaging design integrates the product storage box and the manual into a whole. Turn over the “page” of the product storage, and then there are practical instructions, so you don’t need to worry about the situation that you can’t find the instructions just throw them away.


In terms of design, the CIGA Design X Series Mechanical Watch is equipped with a Unique X-shaped skeleton square dial with dimensions of 44 x 48 mm and 11.8 mm case thickness. The CIGA Design X series of wristwatches combines a patented automated movement built into a unique X-shaped frame – the core of the most exquisite sensations. Combining with stainless steel material and IP ion plating process on the frame brings absolute beauty of elegance to the product. The X series is a watch that combines tradition with cutting-edge ideas. The inside of the crown is brightly colored to accentuate an elegant contrast to the stainless steel of the outer case.

To protect the CIGA Design X Series Mechanical Watch internal system; CIGA Design used a premium Sapphire glass for the dial. Glass with a thickness of 1.2mm is completely transparent, so when placed on the watch face also feels like there is no glass. In addition, a 9- 9-degree hardness on the Moh scale of the watch also ensures really effective scratch resistance and wear resistance for this product. This glass also allows the watch to be water-resistant at 3ATM water pressure. So you do not have to worry that mechanical components on the watch will be disturbed by rain.

Turning to the back of the watch, it is also a beautiful transparent hollow design, and the fan-shaped pendulum rotates with the wrist. However, please note that this watch can only be used for life waterproofing. It is OK to handle hand washing and dishwashing. It is recommended to take it off when swimming and bathing. Stainless steel and water-resistance printed on it can be seen through the surface of the sapphire. I haven’t worn a good watch, so I can see the interior design clearly through the hollow out. I am still very satisfied.

The dual-shell structure, equipped with a high-performance sport utility vehicle suspension system; includes a four-angle spring distribution to unveil the all-new CIGA Design anti-vibration capability. This feature minimizes the impact of external forces on the watch movement, with stunning shock absorption that protects the mechanism and optimizes the X Series flawless functioning.

The X Series is a timepiece that combines tradition with cutting-edge ideas. CIGA Design X Series Mechanical Watch plated with the crown interior in a vivid red color to mark the contrast with the stainless steel of the outer case.


In the CIGA Design X Series Mechanical Watch set, the manufacturer equips you with 2 types of straps. One is made of Black Nylon Strap and the other is a Versatile Silicone Strap. Corresponding to the Silicone Strap, the weight of the watch will be 94g while using a nylon strap will reduce the weight to 90g. Both types of wire are 258/259mm long and 22mm wide, easily adjustable to a short arbitrary length. Less expensive than leather, more durable than nylon, and unlike metal; scratch-resistant, the versatile silicone strap wristwatch is ready for any adventure!

The CIGA Design X Series Mechanical Watch comes with a black silicone strap and a black nylon strap, which are suitable for wearing in different scenarios. It is also very convenient to disassemble and assemble the strap. The switch-type ear design can be opened manually without using professional tools.

The Nylon strap is more suitable for formal occasions, while the silicone strap is more casual. The CIGA Design X Series Mechanical Watch is soft and has a certain degree of flexibility. The FDA-certified food contact grade also ensures the safety of wearing. The convex design of the strap not only makes the watch more dynamic but also improves the wearing comfort. It also has a certain anti-perspiration effect.

Silicone is not afraid of washing, and the watch itself has a 3ATM waterproof rating. So you don’t have to worry about being drenched in the rain; you don’t have to worry about being splashed by water when you wash your hands, but it’s better not to wear it for bathing, swimming, etc. After all, waterproof is not equivalent to diving.


The way of wearing the pin buckle, the buckle is also engraved with the brand’s LOGO; and the combination of metal and leather allows you to easily control the leisure and business style. If there is a watch belonging to the all-match series, it must be a mechanical watch. Whether it is work or life, it can always show your personal temperament. Of course, the CIGA Design X Series Mechanical Watch not only has a mechanical core; but also a kind of special hollow beauty, when you put on the watch, you can see every minute and every second that flows with life. The beating mechanical core makes the flow of the sun and the moon appear so clear. Enjoy the current life and feel the mechanical things in the time of the CIGA Design X Series Mechanical Watch. The sound of a heartbeat.

If you like trendy life, the replaceable straps of the X Series Mechanical Watch can also let you wear a different style. The enthusiastic silicone wristband definitely a very harmonious match. Fast fashion and slow life are the aesthetics of fashion, adhering to the vision of modern trends. In the future, traditional products and special object structures will be perfectly combined. The CIGA Design X Series Mechanical Watch will make ordinary life better embellished; This may be the original intention of the product!

Because the watch adopts SEAGULL AAA fully automatic operating system; all components on the watch operate at a frequency of 21600 times per hour. The X-Series is equipped with a self-winding movement that automatically recharges when worn. With a power reserve of approximately 40 hours and a movement frequency of 21,600 times per hour; the X-Series boasts the most compact and stable automatic movement ever made.

Our Verdict

I have to say that I really like this CIGA Design X Series Mechanical Watch. It is very attractive, and I regularly receive compliments when I wear it. In fact, some friends offered to buy it for me. However, they were unlucky as this watch is now part of my permanent collection. It keeps the time perfectly, even during the night; and it is very comfortable to wear, being light, I sometimes forget that it is on my wrist.

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