Xiaomi Mijia Table Lamp Lite Offered for $23.99

One more day Xiaomi surprises us with a new gadget for the home. This time it is a new desk lamp that a powerful lighting of up to 1,200 lumens and an articulated arm capable of adjusting in any direction does not exceed the 10-euro range.

Xiaomi MIJIA Table Lamp lite – Check the price at AliExpress

We talk about the new Xiaomi Mijia Table Lamp Lite , a variant of only 408x140x410mm and a weight of 0.6Kg , which promises pleasant lighting and optimal care of our eye health by not giving off any type of blue light.

In detail, we are faced with a lamp made of the classic white ABS plastic , which characterizes Xiaomi products so much. Its design maintains a high level of minimalism in order to combine with virtually any decoration.

New Xiaomi Mijia Table Lamp Lite, features, specifications and price. Xiaomi Addicted News

In its compact size base we find a small touch button in concave format. This norm allows not only to activate its operation but also, by means of a long press, to configure up to a total of 3 lighting levels .

1,100 lumens addressable in any direction











Centimeter above, along its main base, there is a joint that, in addition to allowing us to direct the LED lighting at an angle of up to 218º , is able to rotate 180º

Its 8W LED lighting offers a color temperature of 4,000K and a total amount of light of 1,200 lumens . In addition, it guarantees a gradual illumination of up to 545 lumens in a 30cm radius and 197 lumens in a 50cm radius.

Price and availability

New Xiaomi Mijia Table Lamp Lite, features, specifications and price. Xiaomi Addicted News

The new Xiaomi Mijia Table Lamp Lite will launch on sale tomorrow March 6 at a price of only 79 yuan, about 10 euros to change . Although for now it is not expected to reach the global market, it is very likely that we will see it for sale in the main resellersa throughout the week. Get it for $23.99 ON Banggood

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