Buy Proscenic M6 Pro LDS Robot Vacuum Cleaner at $289.99 (Coupon Deal)

Proscenic M6 Pro LDS Robot Vacuum Cleaner comes with laser navigation and SLAM algorithm. Laser navigation enables the robot to scan the room in a radium of 8 m and with a scanning rate of 2160 times per second so that a room map is created. The algorithm will then plan the best cleaning route. And it is integrated with a variety of sensors. Thanks to the sensors, the obstacles can be easily avoided. He can also recognize the stairs and thus protect himself from falling. The brushless motor is quiet and energy-saving. The battery with 3,200 mAh capacity generates a strong suction force of up to 2,600 Pa and the running time lasts max 120 min.

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Proscenic M6 Pro LDS Robot Vacuum Cleaner adopts LDS laser navigation technology which features the laser head, it can scan all places 360 degrees and detect obstacles in your home well. And then it maps an accurate map of your home and starts a scheduled cleaning. The suction power of this robot vacuum can reach up to 2600 Pa when it triggers deep cleaning in a place. 3-speed levels for you to choose from, you can adjust the speed at any time via the remote control or the app “Proscenic Home” according to the volume of the dirt. In addition to a single large 550ml dust container, our 2 in 1 water tank and dust container allowing you to run dry cleaning and washing at the same time gives you another cleaning choice. You can also use it for a one-time wash.

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Proscenic M6 Pro LDS Robot Vacuum Cleaner and mop wash more thoroughly, it scrubs the floors by doing a back and forth in a Y shape instead of just brushing the floor. The water flow is adjustable in 3-speed levels, you can choose a suitable speed. While operating the device, it detects the vacuum and changes the direction to advance to avoid falling. At the same time, a barrier less than 18 cm is out of the question for him; he can climb and overcome it. It can also automatically recharge when the battery is low and resume the task where it left off.

To meet the needs of certain families, the Proscenic M6 Pro LDS Robot Vacuum Cleaner; also starts cleaning according to voice commands from Alexa and Google Home. Draw a square on the map by sliding your finger across; the smartphone screen to define a particular area to be cleaned under the custom area cleaning mode; You can also use it to delimit prohibited areas, for example, the bathroom; the area around the cat or dog’s bowl, etc. We offer several cleaning modes for you to choose from to meet the different cleaning needs of the house. You can clean on partial or whole areas, start simple one-pass cleaning or deep cleaning on dirty places, etc.

You can find this amazing Proscenic M6 Pro LDS Robot Vacuum Cleaner in at a price of $299.99 with an incredible discount.

Coupon Code: PROSM6PRO
Ship From Belgium Warehouse

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