ATOMSTACK A5 20W Laser Engraver Best offer price $229.00

Affordable, reliable, and user-friendly, the 5 high-quality efficient laser engravers on the Atmstack can actually bring your sun back into reality at speed. ATOMSTACK A5 has a fixed-focus laser head, a single eye protection perimeter, scale traces of each X-axis and Y-axis, and clever protection auto-protection system.

Design of ATOMSTACK A5

The ATOMSTACK A5 laser-protected cowl completely protects your eyes, filtering UV mild for 97%. You and the people around you can do laser engraving by carrying goggles. Reduce the price of your goggles and the difficulty of carrying the goggles.


The full metal construction design makes the machine extra stable and improves engraving accuracy. The total construction design for quick meetings and the meeting can usually be completed within 10-20 minutes.

Atomstack A5 – Price Comparison

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Features of ATOMSTACK A5

5 engraving on ATOMSTACK A5 can be performed by adjusting the original focus; The new laser can mix every perfect engraving and high-power piece at the same time. The laser power of a fixed-focus laser is more secure than a zoom laser.

ATOMSTACK A5 feature

For uninterrupted static irradiation, when the laser is in an irregular position, the laser will regularly stop at the forest fireplace; When the engraved machine is affected by the external drive for external operation; The laser will stay away from regular hazards (customers will be able to choose whether to use this operation).

ATOMSTACK A5 Laser GRBL, the equivalent of Lightburn may be suitable with many mature engraving software programs. Compatible with Win XP / Win7 / Win8 / Win10 (Laser GRBL); And compatible with the Mac system (Lightburn), the engraved file format supports NC; BMP, JPG, PNG, DXF, and many more.

ATOMSTACK A5 features

There are accurate scale traces of the X-axis and Y-axis to facilitate quick size measurements. 410 * 400mm huge space engraving space can fulfil your innumerable engraving desires.

Pros and Cons of Atomstack A5

  • New eye protection design
  • Solid and easy installation
  • Upgraded high-performance
  • Wide compatibility
  • Precise scale lines axis
  • Working speed not so good
  • installation not so easy

Full Specifications of ATOMSTACK A5

  • Product Model: ATOMSTACK A5 20W
  • Frame Material Sheet Metal + Aluminum Profile
  • Plug: US
  • Input Voltage: AC100-240V, 50/60Hz
  • Output Voltage: DC12V, 5A
  • Engraving Size: 410*400mm
  • Laser Power: 20W
  • Laser Output Power: 4.5-5W
  • Wave Length: 445±5nm
  • Engraving Accuracy: 0.01mm
  • Focusing Method: Fixed focus laser, no need to focus
  • Input Format: NC, BMP, JPG, PNG, DXF, etc.
  • Data Transmission Method: USB Connection
  • Equipment Size: 57.0 * 60.0 * 27.0cm / 22.4 * 23.6 * 10.6in
  • Equipment Weight: 4.0kg / 8.8lbs
  • Package Size: 61.8 * 34.2 * 12.9cm / 24.3 * 13.5 * 5.1in
  • Package Weight: 5.6kg / 12.3lbs

Packing List

1 * X-axis Assembly, 2 * Section 57CM, 2 * Section 48CM, 1 * Control Box, 3 * Support Legs, 1 * Goggles, 1 * Laser ,1*Power Adapter, 1 * Power Cord, 1 * USB Cable, 1 * Step 1~5 Installation Package, 1 * M5 Wrench, 10 * Rolled Belt, 3 * Small Wood, 1 * Focal Length Film, 1 * M3 Wrench, 1 * Marker, 1 * Brush, 3 * Small Acrylic

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ATOMSTACK A5 LaserGRBL, compatible with numerous mature engraving software programs such as Lightburn, supports Win XP / Win7 / Win8 / Win10 and supports Mac systems (Lightburn), engraved file-formats NC, BMP, JPG, And much more.


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