NAENKA LITE sold out in a split second when it goes online!

Read this article to know why!

In recent years, Bluetooth headsets have become more and more popular. All kinds of headsets are emerging in an endless stream. It is dazzling and how to choose a cost-effective headset becomes a top priority for people. The well-known domestic headset brand NAENKA launched a new product, NAENKA LITE, true wireless Bluetooth. The headset went viral. NAENKA LITE uses Qualcomm chip + 13mm large dynamic unit + dual host + NANK exclusive game mode and other ultra-high configurations with an affordable price! Once the product was live, many netizens, digital KOLs, and headset enthusiasts placed their order so quickly, leaving nothing behind. Why is NAENKA LITE so popular?

Qualcomm chip, stable and continuous connection

As we all know, the disconnection and stability of Bluetooth headsets have always been something for users to complain about. NAENKA LITE uses Qualcomm Bluetooth 5.0 chip to deal with this problem. It supports APTX, AAC-high-speed transmission, stereo line input, and high-speed with low latency. Communication protocol, wideband voice, stereo codec, and other functions, compared with other ordinary Bluetooth 4.0 headsets, two times the speed, four times the range, and eight times the data transmission volume, low latency, low power consumption, longer battery life, instantly leveling user experience to MAX level.

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Clear vocals, surging bass

NAENKA LITE has a built-in 13mm large-size dynamic coil unit, which can accurately interpret music’s bass effect instead of exaggerating the bass, making everything sound messy. It can better control the high-frequency performance, increase the low-frequency output, and process the sound more delicate. With titanium-plated three-layer polymer composite diaphragm, it can suppress unnecessary vibration-reducing noise, reproducing high-resolution sound, and enhancing the accuracy of music. It also supports two types of dynamic mode and balanced mode. In use, whether it is emotional, high-frequency, or quiet folk songs, it has perfect performance.

Unnoticeable audio delay, better video synchronization

When wearing TWS headsets, many gamers will encounter problems such as unsynchronized game audio and video, game lag, interference, and disconnection. These situations will seriously disrupt and ruin the game.

However, NAENKA LITE has an independent chip and a complete circuit. Both earphones can be primary. With NANENKA exclusive game mode, the signal transmission is faster. The game sound effect and the picture are the same when shooting, shooting, or running, significantly improving the game experience.

In addition to the ultra-high configuration such as Qualcomm chip + 13mm large moving coil unit + dual host + NAENKA exclusive game mode, NAENKA LITE also has ENC noise reduction technology, Hall switch, open lid second connection, semi-in-ear design without squeezing the ear canal, no feeling Wear it all day, IPx5 professional waterproof, one piece of multi-functional touch and other top ten technologies.

According to the official, the first batch of NAENKA LITE pre-sales has been out of stock. We can see the popularity of this headset. But news from shows NAENKA LITE has been replenished recently on major e-commerce platforms. The second round of pre-sale is about to start, first come, first served!

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