ZMI PurPods pro Review

Entry Level ZMI PurPods with ANC, Bluetooth 5.2 and USB Type-C Charging

After the success and introduction of the PurPods Pro wireless headset, ZMI now offers the entry-level PurPods. The ZMI PurPods TWS Bluetooth in-ear headphones have an ANC function that reduces the background noise. Hence, the features and the design is almost lookalike of the Pro version headphones. However, there are some differences between the Pro and the basic version of the ZMI PurPods TWS. We will review the PurPods in detail to provide you insights into this new product. It is good to know that ZMI still uses the USB Type-C charging for these.

 ZMI PurPods TWS

Design of the ZMI PurPods TWS Bluetooth in-ear Headphones

Taking a closer look at the entry-level ZMI PurPods, we can see that these look similar to the Apple Air Pods. The comfortable to wear in-sear design of the Pro version remains the same for the ZMI PurPods TWS headphones. So, it is a complete copy of the ZMI PurPods Pro Bluetooth headset. The charging box is the same one that the Pro versions use. However, there is no LED for the ZMI logo at the front. The package includes different sizes for the silicone earbuds. There is also an instruction manual.

Design of ZMI PurPods

The Controls and Wearing of the ZMI PurPods TWS Bluetooth in-ear headphones

ZMI PurPods

The ZMI PurPods wireless earbuds are comfortable to wear for traveling or using for a long time. Its comfortable in-ear design makes sure that you do not feel any uneasiness. There are push buttons for controlling the various call and music functions. With one push of a button, you can wake up Xiao Ai through the smartphone app. The ZMI PurPods TWS connects using Bluetooth 5.2 version. Thus, it connects fast and is compatible with both Android and IOS. There is the support for double-clicking to play or pause the music tracks.

ZMI Purpods

Features of the ZMI PurPods

ZMI PurPods

The ZMI PurPods can adjust the sound levels automatically using the EQsmart adaptive tech. The ZMI PurPods TWS Bluetooth headphones support wireless charging. So, you can charge these using wireless chargers. Also, the ZMI PurPods are IPX4 waterproof for enduring the sweat and water droplets. You can use the Xiao AI Voice Assistant because it is built-in for controlling functions. These can last up to 10 hours of usage and provide 30 hours of standby time. The ZMI PurPods enter gaming mode automatically when using with smartphones to play games. It allows them to reduce background noise for the gamers. The sound quality is perfect for music listeners.

ZMI PurPods

The Verdict

ZMI PurPods are entry-level wireless earbuds of the PurPods Pro version with almost all the same basic features. These have ANC, EQsmart adaptive tech, USB Type-C charging, and 10 hours of playback.

ZMI PurPods

The ZMI PurPods TWS Bluetooth headphones do not lag in any feature comparing to the Pro version. These are a good deal to buy for the music listeners and voice calls. The waterproof IPX4 rating with Xiao AI assistant support brings a new set of usability. Hence, these are worth considering.

ZMI PurPods

What we like:

  • The earbuds are comfortable to wear for many hours of use.
  • There are different size earbuds inside the pack.
  • It uses USB Type-C for charging.
  • The price is lower than the Pro version of the PurPods.
  • ANC noise cancellation and EQsmart adaptive technology are supported.
  • There is a button for using Xiao AI voice assistant.
  • You can use it for up to 10 hours of playback time.


  • The IPX6 water-resistant rating could have been better.

XiaomiToday Rating: 4.5/5


Spec sheet

Battery: 48mAh
Charging Box Battery: 490mAh
Bluetooth: 5.2
Working Distance: 10m
Codec Support: AAC/SBC
Brand: ZMI

Buy ZMI PurPods Bluetooth TWS In-ear Headphones

Price: $72.99

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