BIKIGHT Hidden Ring Bike Phone Holder Universal 60-90mm Width Phone Offered for $16.99

Most cell phone mounts for your bike usually look. Unmatched, to put it mildly, but that should not bother you, because we found you the super sleek, almost invisible Bikight base. When you need it, the Bikight base has two spring-loaded calipers, which detach from the rest of its body, forming a place for your mobile phone, with the springs securing it in place. it is made of aluminum alloy,  light and portable, durable

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However, its convenient Horizontal screen navigation, unblock the buttons, and not just that it has a Telescopic adjustment , and a Multi-size compatible, suitable for 60-90mm width mobile phone. One-piece Design, anodizing process, not easy to rust, withstand the sun and rain. Three-color texture, bright and non-fading. is it not just amazing?

Closed, it looks like an iron ring with walls 1cm thick which is secured with screws on the handlebars of your bike, something that makes it go almost unnoticed, or even part of the bike while not in use. The ring is thickened to strengthen and stabilize, 10mm ring reinforced and stable, not easy to fall, its Hidden ring shape design, integrate with the frame, does not take up space, 

In this position you can put mobiles with from 6-9 cm wide, ie almost everything. Internally at the point of contact with your steering wheel, it has an anti-slip patch that ensures that the base will not start to rotate when you fall into potholes or go off-road.

Where to buy The BIKIGHT Hidden Ring Bike Phone

The BIKIGHT Hidden Ring Bike Phone is available on Banggood for just $16.99

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