ACGAM T02P Smart Walking Machine 2 in 1 Walking and Running Folding Treadmill offered for $349.9(coupon)

The biggest problem with the treadmills that we find from time to time, is that in essence, they are walking routes, since the 6km / h that they end, is in fact fast walking. The ACGAM T02P has two Modes. One for walking, which ends at 6km / h, and one for leopards, which reaches 12km / h. All you have to do to change the Modes, is to get up on the support arm, since as long as you have it down, you go for a walk, while when it gets up it enters running Mode.

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ACGAM T02P – Check the price at AliExpress

The ACGAM treadmill is 1.2 meters long, so you have plenty of space and the 2-horsepower engine is relatively quiet, so you can work out without lifting the neighborhood on foot. If you lift the arm, you will find a slot for your cell phone to watch movies or listen to music while running, and it has a security key, which you can fasten on it and automatically stop the treadmill if it takes you back. and pop your head on it.

Folded, it fits snugly under your bed, and has front wheels to carry it more easily. In other comforts, you will find the display on the front, but also the wireless control to change the intensity of the run. If this suits you, you can also connect via Bluetooth.

According to its specifications, the ACGAM treadmill can lift up to 110 kg, so you can probably run comfortably on it.

Where to buy The ACGAM T02P Smart Walking Machine

The ACGAM T02P Smart Walking Machine is available on Geekbuying and AliExpress.

ACGAM T02P – Check the price at AliExpress

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