ORICO CN300 Chroma PSSD Review – Beautiful and High-Performance

With the continuous increase in the popularity of solid-state drives, many people nowadays upgrade traditional portable phone drives to faster reading mobile solid-state drives, which not only greatly saves file transfer time, but also plays 4K movies on smart TVs. Such scenes can also bring a smoother viewing experience. After less than ten years of development, the read and write speed of solid-state drives can meet the transmission needs of most, so users have begun to have new demands. They hope that solid-state drives can be as portable as USB flash drives. There is no solid-state hard drive that guarantees both read and write speed and good size control. The ORICO CN300 Chroma PSSD I got this time is an exception.


At present, most of the SSD mobile hard drives on the market are ordinary rectangular metal shells, which have few characteristics in appearance design. ORICO CN300 Chroma portable SSD mobile hard drive made my eyes shine. The unique multi-color block combination design came from the famous Dutch painter Mondrian’s “Red, Blue, and Yellow Composition” 90 years ago. Through simple lines, The combination of colors and color blocks brings a strong and simple visual impact. ORICO CN300 Chroma PSSD has four color schemes: Solar White, Sakura Pink, Avocado Green, and Amethyst Purple. Each color has three capacity versions of 250G, 500G, and 1T to choose from. This article introduces the hands-on experience of the 500G capacity and Avocado Green color version.


  • Model: ORICO CN300
  • Product material: ABS plastic
  • Product size: 66.3 (length) mm * 39 (width) mm * 12.4 (height) mm
  • Main control solution: JMS580 (10Gbps)
  • Transmission interface: USB 3.1 Gen2 Type-C (10Gbps)
  • Storage medium: 3D NAND FLASH
  • Built-in SSD type: M.2 NGFF SATA SSD
  • Hard disk capacity: 250GB
  • Operating system: Windows 7/8/10, Mac OS, Linux, Android


In terms of beauty, I really admire myself for being able to find such a beautiful SSD. The outer packaging of the ORICO CN300 Portable solid-state drive continues the Orico family design style. The transparent plastic packaging diaphragm on the front allows consumers to see what the product in the box looks like at a glance. The top of the box is ORICO’s LOGO, and the portability of this solid-state drive is marked with “PORTABLE”.

This product is a global warranty for 3 years, so users do not have to worry about after-sales issues. The Orrick CN300 solid-state drive supports UASP acceleration and TRIM commands and 3D NAND FLASH, the flash memory particles are High quality, it supports USB3.1 Gen2, and the transmission speed can reach 540MB/s.

The back of the box is the product parameter information, including product name, transmission interface, storage medium, system support, flash memory particles, and other information.

The Package is delivered with two data cables and English and Chinese User Manual, Orico CN300 comes standard with two data lines for PSSD, one is C To C, and the other is A To C. Different data cable configurations are mainly to adapt to the current situation of USB-A and Type-C interface melee. Old notebooks and computers still use USB-A interfaces, while new laptops are slowly replaced with Type-C interfaces. , This is quite intimate.

Package included:

  • 1 x CN300-500GB External Hard Drive
  • 1 x 15cm C-TO-C Cable
  • 1x 15cm C-TO-A Cable
  • 1x English and Chinese User Manual

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The size of ORICO CN300 is very small, the length and width are 66mm x 39mm; about one-quarter the size of the palm, and the weight is very light, only 27 grams, the portability advantage is very obvious; it can be easily put into any backpack. However, it should be noted that since the sides of the fuselage are all acute angles; be careful not to carry them with items that are easily scratched. It is best to equip yourself with a storage bag.

The outer material of ORICO CN300 is made of ABS plastic. It is composed of different sizes of squares. It is combined with three colors.  The simple three-color combination also looks very fresh. The body design of ORICO’s mobile solid-state hard drive has a sense of visual impact. Multiple color blocks are combined according to the golden ratio. At first glance, it seems disorderly, but a closer inspection will reveal that each area is in a very harmonious way. When combined together, it is quite beautiful. Coupled with a variety of color options, it can basically meet the personalized needs of most users for appearance.

ORICO CN300 has a brand logo printed on the lower-left corner of the front; hard drive capacity and other information on the back. Very light-colored fonts are used to avoid affecting the three-color design concept of the entire hard drive.

At the bottom is the Type-C data transmission interface, and does not use the Micro port. This is also a major selling point. It only needs a C to A or C to C data cable to connect to Windows, Mac, Android, and Linux. Transfer files easily between. Next to it is an LED indicator, which can indicate the current working status of the mobile solid-state hard drive. The light is conspicuous but not dazzling in the dark environment.

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Performance Benchmark

Through CrystalDiskInfo, you can check the firmware number, serial number, interface protocol, support functions, etc. of the ORICO CN300. The standby temperature is 40 degrees and the hard disk health status is 100%. It can also be seen that ORICO is in quality control. Very well done.

CrystalDiskMark test, the sequential read and write speeds can reach 537.45MB/s and 491.38MB/s under 1GB files, and the 4K random read and write speeds can reach 130.68MB/s and 16.48MB/s. When using 32GB files, the sequential read and write speeds are 530.4MB/s, 480.5MB/s, and the 4K read and write speeds are 117.1MB/s, 13.61MB/s.

In the Anvil’s Storage Utilities test, the reading speed of the ORICO CN300 SSD is 453.50MB/s, while the writing speed can reach 414.91MB/s, which is basically close to the official maximum performance.

In the ATTO Disk Benchmarks test, the ORICO CN300 solid-state drive performance is also very stable, basically writing more than 465.45MB/s and reading more than 510.72MB/s.

AS SSD test, the fastest continuous reading and writing speeds of the ORICO CN300 solid-state drive under 1GB file are 427.31MB/s and 402.62MB/s, and the sequential reading and writing speed is in the upper-middle level of the USB solid-state drive. 4K random read and write is 12.69MB/s, 13.57MB/s, and the final score is 249, which is not bad; when 10GB files are used, the hard disk read and write speed can still reach 428.04MB/s, and the write speed is also 403.70MB/s. There is no big difference between 4K and 1G. The reading speed is 13.37MB/s and the writing speed is 13.75MB/s; the final score is 283 points.

Let’s take a look at the HD Tune test. Since HD Tune Pro can only test the writing speed of unpartitioned hard drives; HD Tune Pro did not measure the writing speed, but the reading speed tested by HD Tune Pro is at least 292.5MB/ s; the maximum is 306.8MB/s, and the average speed is 300.1MB/s.

Finally, in the TxBENCH test, ORICO CN300 solid-state drive sequential read and write speeds were 414.898MB/s, 407.359MB/s, and 4K random read and write speeds were 13.817MB/s, 17.540MB/s.


ORICO CN300 can achieve a storage product with both appearance and speed. It not only has a read and writes speed of up to 430MB/s; but also achieves a size of 66×39×8mm, and its weight is lighter to 27g; which is more portable. The color blocks ordered according to the golden ratio bring strongness to buyers. The aesthetic impact. In other respects, the USB3.1 Gen Type-C interface and 3D NAND FLASH storage media have also appeared in this storage product commodity, so this is a solid-state hard drive that has both appearance and speed and is worth starting.


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