Why to Buy F150 B2021 Smartphone? Red Dot Design Award?

F150 B2021 is the new smartphone launched recently by company. Now the best rugged smartphone of 2021 is on sale and available to purchase. The price of the smartphone is $109.99. The main features that a customer will look at are innovative design and different color options with refined software. Now let’s dive in to the features of the smartphones.

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Features of F150 B2021:



The new rugged phone is designed looking at the needs of the customers. Like the insight form an experienced Trekker- John Walker. He say’s nature is full of dangers and we need a hard phone or a tough smartphone which will act in tough times. Looking at this statement, company have designed the smartphone which will help customers in every tough situation.

Best Rugged Smartphone 2021

Pre-Built Voice Simulation:

The F150 b2021 comes with the exemplary software which makes it always ready to act. The best feature of phone is the in-built voice simulation. The features comes with the Dog Bark, SOS alarm, engine sound to keep a customer safe.

Water and Dust Proof:

The F150 B2021 comes with the splendid technology which achieve better ruggedness and provide the full proof security from dust and water. The B2021 is IP68 and IP69K, so you are always safe with your smartphone in any condition. Also the smartphone is drop-proof from a height of 1.5m and water resistance at 1.5m depth for about 30 minutes.

F150 B2021



Large battery is always required for the smartphones like this, where they can be carried out for a longer distance without any care. The 8000mAh battery will provide the better sense of security in remote areas for longer time. It follows the “NEO-RUGGED” concept to create a sense of security.

Red Dot Design Award:

The unique design of smartphone stands it out of the line of other smartphones in market. The light weight phone comes in two colors, i.e., Black and Desert Yellow. Looking to the adamant and effective design of smartphone company is filling the Red Dot Design Award. The unique design of smartphone makes it a big contender to win the award.


The F150 B2021 smartphone with NFC support, quad camera setup is now available to purchase on Banggood. To buy the smartphone do visit the link given below and get it now at the best price on internet.

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