Buy ENGWE EP-2 Fat Tire Electric Folding Bicycle For Just $945.99 (Coupon Deal)

The appearance of Chinese manufacturers in the world of electric vehicles has allowed us to enjoy equipment with a more than acceptable performance without the need to spend a large sum of money. However, when you want to access the best in the industry you have no choice but to invest big and ENGWE EP-2 wants to be a perfect choice. ENGWE EP-2 is a high-end electric bike that stands out for its excellent performance with a speed of up to 38 km / h over up to 80 kilometers of autonomy before needing a recharge. Likewise, its creation in excellent quality materials ensures a long useful life as well as avoiding concerns of use under adverse natural conditions.

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Starting with what can be seen with the naked eye, this model has not estimated in the choice of its manufacturing materials with light but resistant aluminum that is combined with antioxidant and anti-exposure paint, which will serve users for many years without that deterioration is noticed in its external components. With a total weight of 29 kilograms, the brand’s predisposition for users to choose the color that they like best should be highlighted, starting from the traditional black and white, but extending to finishes in orange, blue, dark grey, red and up green. It is clear that this is a bicycle for all genders and ages.

One of the advantages of ENGWE EP-2 is in its folding capacity, being able to reduce; its dimensions by almost half when it is not in use and thus take up much less space; when storing it at home or even taking it with you in the home. the trunk of the car. The process is simply based on three steps that anyone can do quickly. Finally, it is important to take into account that the product will arrive from the factory with 85% of its components already assembled, although the last touches to be able to start using it will require the installation of the user.

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ENGWE EP-2 has inside a brushless gear motor that responds to official figures of 48V and 500W of power; which in practical terms helps to achieve a maximum; travel speed of 38 hm / h (electric mode with full battery charge). Thinking about the comforts of use, the classic driving modes are not left out either; being basically three that are divided between maximum acceleration; pedal assistance (hybrid) or only pedal in case you have run out of battery or you want to do it exercise. On the other hand; the front suspensions allow you to drive smoothly over rough and uneven terrain with maximum traction; while it’s front and rear mechanical disc brake system adds more driving safety when reacting; with speed and avoiding an accident in on public roads, and even; its professional Shimano seven-speed transmission gives more driving control.

Finally, ENGWE EP-2 has an integrated battery with official figures of 48V and 12.5Ah; which gives autonomy for about 40-45 km using the electric mode and between 70-80 km; with its assistance mode. At the time of its recharge, it takes approximately six hours to return to 100%. For those who consider using it in night hours or in poorly lit environments; there is a system of front and rear LED lights that ensure good visibility of the road; while in the central area there is a small monitor that reveals technical details in real-time such as current speed; travel distance traveled, power level, battery voltage in use, and so on.

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Coupon Code: GKB550S
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