Samsung Galaxy S21 Series First Impressions: Polished Design

We are almost at the end of CES 2021, and Samsung today announced its new flagship smartphone series. The new Samsung Galaxy S21 comprises of S21, S21 Plus, and S21 Ultra. In this busy week, Samsung unpacked the smartphone with the starting range of $799, ending to $1,199 for Ultra. S21 Ultra not only aims to be the top-specced smartphone but also the best in this period. The launch, this time comes a month earlier than usual, brought the customers the new Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro earbuds and SmartTag object tracker.

Samsung Galaxy S21 is an all-metal body with tough glass, which makes it durable. All three smartphones share the new design language which we expect from Samsung. Many internal changes make this flagship stand out from the later S20 Series. All three smartphones will launch on January 29, and now they are available for pre-orders.

Budget Friendly Smartphones 2021

We can divide the smartphones into two categories, i.e., budget friendly, which are S21 and S21 Plus, and the other is S21 Ultra, which is an expensive flagship. S21 Ultra, the smartphone which cuts no corners and is the most premium phone by the company to date.

Features of Samsung Galaxy S21 and S21 Plus:

Samsung Galaxy S21 series is almost the same as last year’s smartphones with small changes. The changes which Samsung has come up with are screen size, battery Size, and One or two other minor details. The most important change here is the hardware, which has brought the changes to the price that is $200 less than last year’s flagship.

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Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

Coming to the display, the new Samsung Galaxy S21 and S21 Plus comes with 6.2 and 6.7-inch screens, respectively, with a resolution of 3200 X 1440 pixels. The smartphone offers the 120Hz refresh rates, but now it’s dynamically adjusted. Also for both smartphones comes with 8GB and 12Gb of RAM. Going to the back of the smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S21 and S21 Plus are made of polycarbonate plastic, not glass.

AS mentioned in our Xiaomi Mi 11 Review article, now every company will rush to run in the footsteps of Apple. Similar to Xiaomi, now Samsung is also not providing the Earphones and charger in the box.

So, in all is, are these features downgraded to cut down the price of smartphones?

The answer is no because they come with the processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 888. The latest processor promises big improvements in performance. The fingerprint sensor is in-built any 1.77 sec faster than last year’s smartphone. The batteries of the Samsung Galaxy S21 and S21 Plus are still big, i.e., 4000mAh and 4,800mAh, respectively.

S21 Ultra:

The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra comes with a better processor smartphone and all features compared with its siblings. The smartphone comes with the 108MP sensor with the extra pixel for binning to make better low-light images. The new algorithm to take advantage of the new folded lens is “Nona-Binning!” “Space Zoom.” It delivers better zoom with the wide and telephoto, and the lock feature reduces the camera shake.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

This time the Samsung is using third party services. To start with is Android messages are replacing Samsung messages. Like now, there will be more support for Google Nest and Android APIs.

Coming back to the S21 Ultra, the smartphone comes in Black and Phantom Black colors. The display shifts dynamically between 10 to 120Hz refresh rates. The new thing launched today is the S Pen pro with Bluetooth actions, and the new S pen was created in conjunction with Wacom.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro:

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro is another product launched today. The buds come with improved sound quality. The new tiny woofer is added for a better base. Earbuds come with motion-tracking sensors, and Dolby audio for 360 also surrounds the ANC(Active Noise Cancellation).

Samsung Galaxy Buds pro

The buds come with a different look with the more close fit with less minimize wind noise. The Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro will be available for $200.

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