Buy ZLL SG908 4K Brushless RC Drone For Just $145.99 (Coupon Deal)

Drones are one of the most interesting hobbies these days. We know that you want to enjoy the best videos and aerial photos, so we bring you this ZLL SG908. It has been developed so that you can enjoy more your getaways since it adapts to all the situations you ask for, both day and night. It has a high-quality and resistant motor, besides it is very easy to use. The best help to take photos and videos outdoors in great quality.

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The ZLL SG908 RC Drone comes with 4K cameras, capture amazing pictures and videos from the sky, with a stable gimbal, the drone records vibration-free footage. Click on any point on the APP interface, it’ll automatically fly according to the assigned point, which allows the pilot to focus on camera control and enables more complex shots. Set a specific building or position as your point of interest, your aircraft will continuously circle clockwise around the preset point. The ZLL SG908 RC Drone will track you automatically and capture your movement with a particular aerial view. The camera lens will keep pointing at the mobile phone and remain constant distance to the mobile phone. An advanced GPS system makes it completely aware of its location and relation to you.

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The ZLL SG908 RC Drone body is made of high-strength and resistant engineering plastics. The arm is foldable, small in size, easy to carry, lightweight and durable, and very easy to operate. The ZLL SG908 RC Drone itself weighs About 534g with dimensions of folded: 18x9x8cm; unfolded: 32x40x8cm. The compact construction allows very comfortable transport and in combination with the weight a very high flight stability. Even in the night sky, the drone lights can illuminate the ahead way. If you want to fly at night, you never worry that you will miss your drone. High-quality ABS material to free your worries of a sudden shock or drop. ZLL SG908 RC Drone features a foldable arm design, allowing for carrying anywhere on the go without hassle.

ZLL SG908 RC Drone is an aerial drone that comes with a 4K high definition camera, and GPS/optical flow positioning systems to create super stable flight and ultra-clear photo/video shooting. Easily produce your special creative MV. with the function of one key takeoff and one key landing, one key return; headless mode, speed adjust, waypoint flight, follow mode, surround mode, etc.

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With the drone with the 4K HD camera, you can take photos/video as you wish; the 4K HD camera can take you a sense of pleasure and joy of taking pictures. One-click switch between the front camera and bottom camera. The ultra HD 4K aerial camera, GPS return home, GPS positioning, waypoint flight, point of interest, follow me, etc. Let you see what your drone sees, ideal for filming a designated spot or simply to look around. The 5G WIFI real-time transmission distance reaches 500m.

You can find this amazing ZLL SG908 4K Brushless RC Drone on at a price of $145.99 incredible discount.

Coupon Code: 5CUBNEFQ
Buy with One Battery at $145.99 Buy with Two Batteries at $169.99 Buy with Three Batteries at $189.99

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