ZMI PurPods Wireless Headphones launched: Dual Action Coil Speakers

Today on January 14th, ZMI launches the new Airpods clone, i.e., ZMI PurPods True wireless headphones. The new earphones come with a dual-action coil speaker. The headphones will be available to purchase tomorrow morning. And the price which the wireless earphones will be available is 199 Yuan.

Features of ZMI PurPods True Wireless Earphones:

Last time Xiaomi Today learned that ZMI is coming with the new Purpods Pro. The news came in October 2020. But it was just a leak. We didn’t receive any product since then. Today the company finally released the wireless earphones. The leaks in October reports the earphones will come with ANC and will available at 399 Yuan.

ZMI Purpods
ZMI PurPods Pro headset supports ANC dual active noise reduction, with 35dB noise reduction depth. It also supports 3MIC call noise reduction, Speech + FF + FB technology. This headset comes with a composite diaphragm moving coil unit and a unique front cavity module; equipped with EQsmart self-adaptation technology, it can adapt to the volume, noise reduction, and automatic game mode. The headset supports Bluetooth 5.2, which can cover 200 points.
Purple rice PurPods and PurPods Pro are similar in appearance but do not support active noise reduction, and the price is half lower.

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