GAMESIR X2 Gamepad Review – Makes The Phone Turn into Nintendo Switch

With the continuous expansion of the game market, a variety of new games are flooded with players’ requirements. Now games pay more attention to networking, social interaction, and playability. The increase in playability means the increase in operating difficulty, and the increase in operating difficulty means the need for more auxiliary equipment to support. It turns out that we may only need a computer, a headset, and a display screen to play games. When the game becomes portable, many things can be done on the mobile phone, and mobile phone auxiliary devices are gradually becoming popular. I believe that friends who play games have heard of this brand of Gamesir, focusing on the research and development of game peripherals, and has produced many very good controllers, and the gameplay is more and more novel. Then this new Gamesir X2 How was the experience?

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GameSir X2 is compatible with most cloud gaming platforms include Xbox/Shadow Cloud Gaming, Google Stadia, and Vortex, etc. This android controller also supports native games include Fortnite, Modern Combat 5, Implosion, and More. The stretch of the mobile game controller allows you to fit a mobile phone with a maximum length of 167 mm, a maximum thickness of 1 cm. The internal spring is durable and can withstand long-term expansion and countless stretches.

GameSir X2 is different from another mobile controller, which is the adjustable Type-C plug. Its’ adjustable range is up to 51°, which allows you to plug and unplug your mobile phone at ease, and protect it from damage. GameSir X2 has a screenshot button, Just press this button, you can keep the best game moments anytime. Between the phone and X2 have reserved a gap to ensure air circulation, so that the phone can maintain good heat dissipation. Built-in the microswitch buttons, which with a service life of 3 million times, and the soft rubber grip that can provide a comfortable hand-held feeling.


  • Model: GameSir X2 Type-C
  • Working Platform: Android, Cloud Gaming
  • Connection: Wired Type-C
  • Working Protocol: HID-Gamepad
  • Battery: No
  • Material: PC+ABS
  • Charging Port: Type-C USB
  • Charging Protocol: PD


On the packaging, the design style of the GameSir X2 is still very impressive. The combination of gray and red, plus the large product picture, has a very e-sports feel. The OTG logo in the lower right corner, Huawei, Samsung, and Xiaomi three brand mobile phones have the OTG function turned on by default and plugin and connect. Other models need to be manually set to enable the OTG function. X2 is designed for devices that can link to Type-C. After all, except for Apple products, Type-C interfaces are basically used, and Android phones are more suitable for playing emulator games.

The side of the package is the display of the handle function, which will be specifically. The back of the package is an introduction to the function of the handle buttons and some basic information, and it is packaged with a sticker with the chicken logo, carefully. As you can see, the handling package is surrounded by three languages: Chinese, English, and Japanese, which can be said to be very international.

Open the package and prompt you to enter the world of games. The appearance is quite eye-catching. In particular, the red and blue joysticks on the rendering of the handle have a hint of Nintendo Switch. Friends who love e-sports games have a sense of substitution.

Package Included:

  • 1 x GameSir X2 Gamepad
  • 1 x User Manual
  • Stickers


The GameSir X2 weighs 167g, which is almost similar to the weight of a smartphone. When the mobile phone is clamped, it can be maintained at less than 400g. It is relatively light. The overall weight of less than 400g is not heavy for a long time. The size is 200*105*52mm, and the length is slightly longer. After all, it uses a fixed combination of bilateral handle design, but it is much shorter than the Switch. This is also a major feature of this handle. It is light in weight and short in size. It is more convenient to carry and use when going out.

The GAMESIR X2 adopts a two-stage stretch in its overall design. It is easy to store when it is not in use. It can be stretched freely according to different mobile phone sizes and lengths, which basically meets the use and adjustment of most smartphones on the market. GAMESIR X2 adopts a two-stage tensile structure, the maximum tensile size can reach 167mm, and the card position in the middle can be extended with a slight pull, which is suitable for most 6.4-inch screen mobile phones.

The design of the handle also maximizes the heat dissipation experience. The inverted gear on the inner side of the handle bulges the mobile phone so that the heat generated by the mobile phone or the handle can be released at any time to ensure that the temperature of the mobile phone is not too high.

GAMESIR X2 uses a built-in type-c interface to connect to a mobile phone, which is also similar to OTG instead of Bluetooth mode. This has the advantage of achieving lower latency and closer to zero latency. This is the market The performance that many Bluetooth handles can’t do, after all, no matter how good Bluetooth technology is, there is still a loss in wireless transmission. Although it is not obvious, there is still.

After stretching, the resilience is very strong. Coupled with the non-slip silicone panel and the inverted gears on both sides, it can provide stable support for the mobile phone installed on it, and prevent the mobile phone from flying out accidentally during the game. Because there is a Type-C male port on the left end, the actual installation process must follow the principle of first, left, and right. Rotate the Type-C male port (up to 51° rotation adjustment), align the phone with the C port and insert it, stretch the handle, and finally complete the fixation. The entire installation process is quite simple.

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The built-in type-c port supports up and down movement, which also makes it easier to connect the phone to the interface, and it is more convenient to remove the phone when you stop using it and reduce the wear and tear of the phone interface. The movable interface is more suitable for the daily use of the handle.

The back of the handle has a raised grip design, a combination of black and white colors, and is inlaid on the handle body, making the handle more gaming feel, making the grip and friction better to prevent slipping when using it. The surface material is skin-friendly silicone, and the grip is no plastic. Feeling unsuitable and comfortable.

The GAMESIR X2 uses a professional 3D joystick at the same level as PS4, which is more delicate and precise in control. The shoulder button configuration is also a gaming-grade micro switch, which can be quickly combined without a sense of pause. The laboratory data is The life span of 3 million times, of course, most people should not be able to play so many times with a single handle, which is completely enough to use.

Whether it is the arrow keys or the ABXY function keys, the feel is the same. After pressing, there will be a “click” sound, the rebound is very fast, and one finger can cover 4 key positions. The quality of the joystick is also good. It is quite flexible and smooth to rotate left and right or draw circles. Compared with the Switch, it is much better, which can ensure a stable control feel. Because of the short key travel, the shoulder keys on the top of the handle are a little harder and are also accompanied by a crisp “click” sound.

After shaking the entire GAMESIR X2 body, it can be seen that its firmness is quite good, and there is no sign of loosening.

The button layout of GAMESIR X2 is very similar to the Switch. The button layout of the NS host is that the phone is clamped to the handle. The difference from the Switch is that it is fixed in the way of disassembly. The overall layout control is suitable for gamers’ habits.


Can’t wait to install the game, Download the GameSir World App, after downloading, activate the handle mapping through the PC and mobile phone. After the activation is successful, the handle model will be displayed on the phone. GAMESIR X2 gamepad defaults to HID mode, through HID players, can play almost all native controller games, and the setting is very simple. There are many kinds of games under the category of controller adaptation and native controller in the GameSir World App produced by the same manufacturer, which can be played.

Let me briefly introduce the meaning of HID mode. HID is the acronym for Human Interface Device. This is a very general specification that specifies how to configure input and output controls so that any computer (mobile phone) can read them. HID devices can be joysticks, gamepads, keyboards, mice, CNC pendants, etc., anything that interacts with users, and even some high-end players will set up their own device programs to adapt to their gaming habits.

To put it bluntly, the HID mode is games that natively support controllers; such as Minecraft, Implosion, Asphalt 9, Vitality Knight, etc. As long as these games are started, X2 can directly take over the control, and you can also press the controller in the settings. Make adjustments to your most comfortable mode and habits.

Since I have been playing simulator games, with the X2 controller, the first choice is to download the Happy Chick Emulator from the same manufacturer. The adaptability should be high. There are many kinds of games in chick emulators and rich resources. Try to download three categories of games, namely Mario (NDS), Street Fighter (ARCADE), Contra (FC).

After the installation is successful, start the Mario, Street Fighter, and Contra three-way game. The X2 handle uses a professional 3D joystick at the same level as the PS4, which realizes the configuration of the host, flexible rotation, and the button feedback is moderate, and the control is very delicate and precise. Since the X2 handle is directly connected with TYPE C+OTG, the whole game process has no delay and feels smooth.

I have to say that the Gamesir X2 handle is equipped with the Chicks Emulator to automatically match the buttons. For those who like to play nostalgic and arcade games, it eliminates a lot of steps to set buttons. Due to the zero delay, the operation is very handy, and the mobile phone is powered, so there is no need to worry about the power of the handle. The experience is much better than the Bluetooth handle. Especially playing some fighting games, it feels very refreshing.

It is worth mentioning that this controller also supports cloud games, so you can stream the PC version of computer games on your phone! Or download clients such as Gloud Games, etc., to play cloud games that are natively supported. At the same time, it also supports the G-touch function, but you need to download the GameSir World App and upgrade the firmware to open it. Through the GameSir World App, you can happily play pesticides, eat chicken, and other mobile games through the handle.

Cloud Gaming Experience

Because the performance of your mobile devices has been enhanced, and the speed and stability of 4G, 5G networks have improved, cloud games have just emerged in the past two years, or the experience has been greatly improved, and it is possible to play some PC games on mobile phones. , It is possible to cooperate with the GameSir X2. Here I would like to recommend another APP Gloud Game. Although it is not the only APP of this type, it has some advantages in the optimization of latency and memory usage.

The GameSir X2 controller supports cloud gaming, which is a boon for many mobile game players. The author downloaded the Gloud Game and can play many 3A masterpieces on the phone. Enter “Assassin’s Creed Odyssey”, the default keyboard and mouse mode, after switching to the handle mode, the joystick moves in any direction, and the button rubbing moves smoothly, which is more refreshing than the original method.

Nintendo Switch Emulator Experience

In addition to its own Happy Chick Emulator, the X2 also supports third-party Emulators. Try the Nintendo Switch Emulators – Egg NS + RetroArch & Dolphin, and the frequency of using the shoulder button alone is higher. The X2 handle shoulder buttons use gaming-grade micro-switches; which can achieve an ultra-fast combo without lagging experience and have a service life of 3 million times; which is more durable than ordinary buttons.

I found the Egg NS Emulator developed by the American studio; which supports more than 100 games, including masterpieces such as Pokémon Sword and Shield; Diablo, and Teacup. I downloaded the teacup head to try it out and found that the masterpiece has a higher quality and higher requirements for mobile phones. Snapdragon 845 freezes, it is recommended to use mobile phone CPUs above Qualcomm 855, Kirin 980, and Dimensity 800.

After installing the APP, make the corresponding settings; place the downloaded game files in the game installation location folder; start the APP game will automatically appear on the main interface. Connecting the handle and logging in to the account, you can start the game. After the game is started, the remaining RAM and game frame rate will be displayed in the upper left corner of the phone. If you are running some particularly large Switch games; such as Diablo 3 and Pokémon, it is recommended to turn on the automatic frame skipping in the emulator game settings to avoid insufficient memory Game lag affects the game experience in a certain interface. You can also add the simulator to the game mode of the phone to increase the call of the processor and RAM.

The opening classic animation of “Cup Head” has captured the hearts of countless people. The Gamesir X2 and the egg simulator brought us this masterpiece, and at such a low cost; we can experience this game, it is true It is a very lucky thing.

PSP Emulator Experience

The PSP emulator, because of the consistency of the NS and PSP button layouts, X2 can perfectly handle this part. Assassin’s Creed operates smoothly without delay, which is more refreshing than Bluetooth connection and screen buttons. However, due to the operation logic, there is a slight deviation from the button layout of the screen PSP; so there is a problem with the exchange of some button functions. However, the button setting modification of the simulator is still acceptable.


The TYPE-C male port on the left side of the X2 handle is directly connected; to the charging port of the mobile phone, and the handle is powered by the mobile phone. The power consumption of the handle 2mAh is almost negligible compared to the power of the mobile phone. The externally designed TYPE-C female port supports super PD fast charging for mobile phones, enabling continuous charging while charging.

It is recognized that it consumes more power when playing games; so we have been used to playing while rushing, and it is also a hassle for the two-sided controller. GAMESIR X2 made a small innovation in this version. The controller can be connected to the charging port of the mobile phone. Can directly charge the handle, of course, after the handle is plugged into the charger; the phone will automatically charge, which is much more convenient to use.


If you want to experience the fun of a game, the use of the controller is a good choice. The GAMESIR X2 is upgraded again, and the Bluetooth can be directly connected to the mobile phone; without the drive surface, and the type-c direct connection also allows Achieve zero breakthrough in delay; escort the game quotation that races against the clock, NS main key layout design; the price is one hundred yuan but you can experience; the experience of using the thousand yuan Switch, friends who love games can be a good choice when choosing peripherals.

When the GAMESIR X2 is installed on a mobile phone, it will look a bit like Switch lite. With EGG NS Emulator, it looks even more like. And it’s very interesting to simulate NS games on mobile phones. Although there are not many games currently supported, there are only more than 100; but this application is still being updated. In addition, we can also play some cloud games through GAMESIR X2. For example, in the grid game, we can directly play various 3A masterpieces such as Naruto and Assassin’s Creed. All are 0 latency, native support.

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