Naenka’s in-depth research, why has bone conduction headphones become another development outlet?

With the popularization of smart phones and the development of communication technology, electronic devices have become standard equipment in ordinary people’s daily lives. Music digital products have given birth to a group of “headphones” that are inseparable from their headsets, which has huge safety risks. Long-term exposure of ears to excessive volume can cause irreversible damage to hearing. In addition, it will also have a negative impact on ones’ spirit and psychology. The risk of audio equipment deafness has created new demands in the earphone industry, as health has become another major issue and another headphone development trend.


The development of bone conduction technology provides a new solution for the health of earphones. Bone conduction is an alternative way of sound transmission. It directly vibrates the skull without air vibration and transmits sound, which can avoid hearing problems caused by tympanic membrane strain.


Speaking of bone conduction headphones, Naenka must be a brand that cannot be avoided. It is no exaggeration to say that Naenka has almost driven the popularization of bone conduction headphones from high-end functional products to popular trends.


At present, many bone conduction headphones on the market are priced at more than 1,000 yuan, but Naenka was born for sports with a reasonable price. It quickly became popular among sports people who pay attention to safety and health, and seized a place in the bone conduction headset market, breaking the monopoly of the thousand yuan bone conduction headset market. The recently announced new Naenka Runner Pro bone conduction headset, with its IPX8 waterproof, can be worn for swimming and bathing, earphone 8G memory storage can support 1500+ music, 33g lightweight, Bluetooth 5.0-signal stability just as wired, 16mm large aperture drivers and other high cost-effective configuration, will become another success in the headphone market.


Because in a noisy environment, the use of bone conduction headphones can make it easier to hear the sound without having to increase the extra volume, which can be used as an effective measure to prevent deafness, greatly improving consumer acceptance of bone conduction headphones. Bone conduction is bound to become another trend in the headset industry. In the future, bone conduction technology will also be used in various fields such as medical hearing aids, military communications, and civilian wear.

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