Xiaomi Soocas Electric Razor Shaver Review

Tired of finding the best shaving solution? The new Xiaomi Soocas So White Soocas Electric Razor Shaver could the ultimate choice for you. Men always prefer to have a portable device for shaving purposes. And the Chinese brand Xiaomi is always there to meet the demands.

Soocas is a crucial organ of the Xiaomi ecosystem. It is responsible for manufacturing a range of customer products for personal care such as electric shavers, toothbrushes, hairdryers, irrigators and many more.

The China-based company Xiaomi has already introduced plenty of electric razors under its eco-chain firms. Some of the best-selling products in this concern conclude Xiaomi Mijia electric razor, Mijia portable electric shaver, Mijia Smate electric shaver, and Xiaomi ZHIBAI electric shaver etc.

Soocas SO WHITE Wireless 3D Electric Razor Shaver

Now, the brand is out with the latest addition, the Soocas So White electric razor. It is portable equipment to cater to shaving needs in the most comfortable way possible. The design is stylish and lightweight to allow users to carry the device outside conveniently. It installs the powerful battery to run for months per charge.

Furthermore, the razor machine comes with a detachable charging wire. On the top, the shaver installs 3D smart floating cutter heads that are flexible to adapt to a variety of facial contours.

Soocas So White Electric Shaver Review: Features and Specifications

The new electric shaver is home to a myriad of advanced configurations besides the portable and fascinating outlook. This section is to stress various features and technical specifications. Before we indulge in the detailed investigation, let’s check out what the package involves.

What is in the Box?

The Soocas So White razor is shipped in a simple and white-colored cardboard box. it portrays the product image on the front side, whereas the backside will give you a glimpse of the prime specifications of the device.

Further, users will find three main items in the box – the electric shaver itself, a charging cable, and the user manual. The user guide will get you to learn how to use the machine, how to disassemble and troubleshoot it in the Chinese language. There’s also a sticker with a code under the scratch layer to help you determine the originality of the product.

Soocas So White Electric Razor Outlook

In terms of exteriors and build, the So White electric shaver offers an elegant appearance in the ultra-portable chassis. It looks delicate and provides a gentle hold to users for a hassle-free shaving experience.

The shaving machine adopts a rather compact and futuristic design with streamlined edges and dark gloss. It is developed by Shukeshi Technology Co. You will see three shaving blades on the cutting area that you can adjust speed in two modes – Fast and Superfast.

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Moreover, the electric razor machine advocates IPX7 waterproof certification to avoid any damage in the direct contact of water. The chassis is built of h9igh-grade plastic material of dual textures. The front side equips a glossy finish while the backside embeds the matte integration.

The minimalistic design helps the shaver fit perfectly in hands. There’re a screen and a functional button on the body. It doesn’t allow not only to turn on the machine but also to change the power mode with a long press. At the bottom, the device captures a dual-pin charging connector.

white-colored cardboard box

Above the listing of main features on the back, you will also have an inbuilt trimmer. You can activate it by moving the switch up. The machine comes with a removable and transparent black plastic cover.

The Soocas So White electric shaver measures 155x53mm and weighs 139g. The color choice is restricted to black.

Automatic Grinding Blade

The chief highlight of the Soocas So White electric razor is that it is made of imported steel. As per the company claims, the blades in the new product don’t require to be replaced. The blades are constantly sharpened due to friction.

Xiaomi Soocas Blade Razer

Moreover, the spring-loaded retainer helps held the shaving heads in the cassette. You can release the system by simply turning the middle area of the mechanism. The machine also adopts intelligent anti-pitch protection to make the whole process a super cool experience.

Soocas So White Electric Razor Battery

As far as the power capacity is concerned, Xiaomi’s Soocas So White razor acknowledges a 600 mAh Li-Ion battery. It takes only 60 minutes to fill the pack and gives 90 minutes of performance.

Soocas So White electric razor

The device can be put on standby for 2 months. It also provides a smart battery reminder and smart blocking protection. There is a detachable charging cable of 100cm in length. You can empower the machine by connecting it with a dual-pin USB charging connector.

Wrapping Up

Overall, the Xiaomi Soocas So White Electric Razor Shaver seems ideal to handle shaving and trimming issues. Alongside the delicate and minimalistic physique, it inculcates lots of performance-oriented specifications to induce the most convenient shaving experience on the go.

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