Asus ROG Phone 3 offered for just $749.99| Best price

Are you a mobile-gaming savvy? The year 2020 may happen to be a surprise for you concerning the Asus company. If we trust the updated reports, the Q3 of the current year is likely to happen the launch time for various Asus products. Asus is ready to unveil the latest Asus ROG Phone 3, comes with the Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 865 Plus CPU processors.

Features of Asus ROG Phone 3:

When it comes to examining the present gaming corridor, mobile gaming is posed as one of the fastest escalating industries in the smartphone arena. Among others, ROG (Republic of Gaming) is one of the most recognized brands in the gaming world. It is a sub-brand of Asus and responsible for developing qualified gaming equipment at lower costs.

Asus ROG 3

Asus’s gaming smartphone wing is witnessing astounding growth and popularity. But its overall smartphone horizons are likely to degrade the business. As per the previous reports, Asus’s smartphone venture has lost nearly $10 billion NT (approx. 333 million US dollars). It leads the brand to go through internal restructuring. Ultimately, the company held a press conference to announce the new developments – Asus ROG Phone 3 and ZenPhone 7.

As the conference happened just before the Qualcomm’s 5G event. Thus, both handsets are likely to configure the Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 865 Plus 5G CPU units. However, because of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the launch event has been postponed until quarter 3 of 2020.

However, Asus ROG 3 is still speculation, but we can assume it to happen in reality given the ROG Phone 2 with the Snapdragon 855 Plus. Furthermore, the possibility also can’t be denied as Qualcomm will also launch the snapdragon 865 Plus CPU in the Q3 of 2020. Eventually, it will be a worthy choice for the Asus ROG Phone 3.

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