ZMI 1000mAh power bank Upgraded with Switch TV for 269 Yuan

News Xiaomi Today, On January 7, the ZMI 1000mAh Power Bank has recently upgraded its firmware and is on sale again. The new product supports SwitchTV projection function , which can replace the Switch base and original charger.

The ZMI 1000mAh power bank is equipped with a USB 3.2 Gen1 port and two Type-C interfaces, in addition to HDMI 2.0 output interface. The product has three functions.

Features of ZMI 1000mAh Power Bank:

Switch TV projection

Three-click the function key to enter the TV mode. At this time, use a double-headed Type-C cable, connect one end to the Switch host, and the other end to the USB-C2 port of the power bank, then you can use the HDMI port to output the screen to the TV or monitor. At the same time, this method automatically charges the Switch, which can perfectly replace the original base and power adapter.

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ZMI 1000mAh Power Bank

USB Hub function

Double-click the function button until the blue light turns on. Use the double-head Type-C cable to serve as a USB docking station, which can extend a USB-A interface and an HDMI interface. This supports the HDMI output function of some mobile phones and computers.

Charging function

ZMI 1000mAh power bank supports up to 20V PD output and a maximum output power of 50W. It can quickly charge notebook computers such as MacBooks and mobile phones. Officials said that it can provide a maximum of 20W fast charge for iPhone 12 series phones, which can charge 60% in 30 minutes.

ZMI 1000mAh Power Bank

This product supports simultaneous charging of three devices, at this time the total power can reach 45W. The mobile power input supports 22.5W, and both Type-C ports have input and output functions, and it takes 3 hours to fully charge itself.

According to Xiaomi Today, the ZMI 1000mAh power bank was first released in October 2020. The first batch of users can contact the purchase platform and after-sales customer service to renew, or upgrade the firmware to enable the latest features. The new product is still priced at 269 yuan and will be available on Tmall/JD/Xiaomi Youpin/ on January 6.

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