Dreame V11 vs Dyson V11 animal: Which one to Buy?

You are worried, right? You want to have a Dyson V11 Animal vacuum cleaner, but you are lacking money! Don’t be very sad because we have an excellent offer for you. You will get all the facilities of Dyson V11 Animal with a lock button as a bonus and most importantly the price is almost half of Dyson V11. Yes, it is true, and we are talking about Dreame V11 vacuum cleaner. So, the term ‘Dreame V11 vs Dyson V11’ comes here. Let’s try to compare the features, tools and some other information of these two products so that you can make your decision to get the best one.

Dreame V11 vs Dyson V11 Animal: Specs Comparison

Dreame T20 Dyson V11 Animal
1.67 kg
3.03 kg
Suction Power:
150 AW
185 AW
Motor Speed:
125,000 rpm
125,000 rpm
Dustbin Capacity:
0.6 liter
0.7 liter
Battery Life:
70 minutes
50 minutes


Dreame V11 vs Dyson V11Design of Dreame V11 vs Dyson V11

If we talk about the design of Dreame V11 and Dyson V11 Animal, we will find it quite similar to the external view. Dyson V11 Animal is basically purple with a mix of blue and grey in color while Dreame V11 is a mixer of red and grey. You will find power trigger button in both the vacuum cleaners. Both vacuum cleaners are handheld devices. So, it will be easy and cool for you to use. Just think about the weight. Dreame V11 vs Dyson V11 has come alive here. Dyson V11 Animal weighs 3.03 kg while Dreame V11 weighs only 1.67 kg. So, you will consider the weight while cleaning.


Dreame V11 vs Dyson V11Dreame V11 vs Dyson V11

Dreame V11 vs Dyson V11 is not eligible for that way in this matter. Both the products have similar features in terms of display, error messages, etc. When Dreame V11 finds any issues, it sends messages. Suppose that the battery of the device is low or overheated and you haven’t noticed that. In this case, It might harm you.

So, error messaging is very crucial for you and your device’s safety. But in the case of Dyson V11 Animal, it will only give you the news of whether the charge is remained or not through an icon. Both the devices have multiple changing modes and they work rapidly. Dyson V11 Animal has a screen that is made of LED while Dreame V11 has a screen made of vibrant OLED. One thing that is precious for Dreame V11 is that it has a special lock button which gives extra facility in making cleaning the areas of the upper portion.

Cleaning Performance

Dreame V11 has three modes to work in different areas with different speeds. Dyson V11 Animal has also eco, auto, and boost mode to work as Dreame V11. So, choose a format and enjoy cleaning. You can use the max mode when you clean carpets though using max mode have a limitation because sometimes the vacuum gets stuck with the carpet. The suction power is slightly different for these products. Dreame V11 vs Dyson V11 has been a perfect term for this para.

Dreame V11 vs Dyson V11Dreame V11 vs Dyson V11 tools

The suction power of Dyson V11 is 185 AW while the number is 150 AW for Dreame V11. But in terms of motor speed, you will find it similar for both and the number is 125,000 rpm. Both the vacuums are cordless, and you can use them for cleaning carpets, hardwood floors, picking debris, etc. If you want the best result from these products, you will have to use the medium mode by which you can clean most of the parts of your room. To be honest, it is hard to choose any of these cleaners because both work perfectly and with the emphatic result.

Let’s talk about the dustbin both the products carry. Dreame V11 has a .6 liter dustbin in its body to collect dust. On the other hand, Dyson V11 Animal has a dustbin of .7 liter to make it heavier and more capable of storing more dust. You need not worry about the process of clearing the dustbin because it is quite easy to do. Just to click the latch button to make the work done.

We are saying it just to make you understand that Dreame V11 has 5 steps of the filtration process to ensure safety. Cyclone Technology is used by both the products or devices to isolate dust & dirt. To make sure that the filter works properly, you will need to shower the filter in cold water and let that dry.

Tools and Add-ons

Dreame V11 vs Dyson V11Dreame V11 vs Dyson V11 Animal

Dreame V11 has so many tools, we should say, from a vacuum cleaner’s point of view. It has a mite deletion brush, all-surface brush, two in one brush, etc. necessary tools. You can use all surface brush for the use of the carpets, floors, and the places related to them.

When you find dirt on your sofa and the seats of your car, you can use a mite deletion brush for that case. Two in one brush is used to remove tile piles. So, you have the option to think and make the best use of this vacuum cleaner.

In the case of Dyson V11, it has a stubborn dirt brush, mini motorized tool, torque cleaner, combination tool, etc. which can be used to clean different parts of your home and office. If you want to clean the hard dirt of the carpets, you must use a combination tool before doing general vacuuming. For sofa and car seats, Dyson V11 provides you mini motorized tool. In terms of cleaning window panes, you can use a stubborn dirt brush. It will be very useful for this work. Dreame V11 vs Dyson V11 becomes very competitive in terms of having different tools. Forget to say that in both models, you will get a tool named crevice to grasp dirt from every angle of your room.

For any kind of device or technology, maintenance is a must to get the best service. For vacuum cleaners, it is equally important. Detangling the hair of the vacuum cleaners is work that must be done by you regularly. Sometimes you might need to change some of the parts if that part is hit and damaged by something. Overall, it is not difficult to maintain vacuum cleaners.

Battery Life

Dreame V11 vs Dyson V11Dreame V11 vs Dyson V11 Animal

Dyson V11 Animal gives service for 60 minutes without taking any rest when it runs in the mode of eco. But with the max mode, it won’t last more than 10 minutes. That is why auto mode is preferable to use for the best possible result. Coming to Dreame V11, we find 70 minutes of duration to work at a time without having a break. The reason behind increasing the duration is its 3000 mAh battery and Dreame V11 vs Dyson V11 competition is won by Dreame model.


Dreame V11 vs Dyson V11The Dreame V11 vs Dyson V11 |Animal

Truly speaking, Dreame V11 is a better choice to be bought for anyone. It has an extra facility of having a lock button and the using process is quite easy. It is very light and stylish. One thing we want to say about it that the price, comparing with Dyson V11 Animal, is much less and it matters a lot. Dyson V11 has bigger dustbin and some minor differences from Dreame V11 with the same kinds of facilities. So, Dreame V11 should be the choice for you to save some money and enjoy cleaning whatever you want. So, who wins in the competition of Dreame V11 vs Dyson V11? It’s your job to judge it.

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