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Should I Buy My Xiaomi Phone from AliExpress or Amazon?

Buy Unlocked Xiaomi Phones at Best Prices From Aliexpress or Amazon!

Every day a new trend develops for buying the best Xiaomi phone from an online store. Two of the world-renown stores are Amazon and Aliexpress. There are millions of global transactions taking place on these online stores daily. Alibaba is the brand that owns and is a global online wholesale market. On the other hand, Amazon is a leading platform for online sellers looking to sell products. The Aliexpress reviews show that it offers lower prices, and the Amazon customer service is excellent. So, anyone can face confusion when selecting the store to buy a Xiaomi phone.

What to know about Aliexpress and Amazon when buying a Xiaomi Phone?

All major brands of the world have their official stores on Amazon and Aliexpress. Amazon is a USA based company with endless categories of products to sell. The Chinese company Alibaba owns Aliexpress and operates it. Buying a Xiaomi phone from any of these is the best way of purchasing one. Xiaomi, Samsung, Huawei, OnePlus, Apple, LG, and all other major brands sell millions of products via these two online stores.

Amazon customer service

Amazon is famous for amazon customer service and Amazon Prime. Amazon Prime is a premium service by subscription, which offers many benefits to its customers worldwide. Aliexpress is a large scale online marketplace that offers lower prices when comparing with Amazon and others. However, Aliexpress reviews showcase the late deliveries of packages. The reason for the delay in the deliveries is the border crossing taxes and other duties.

Reasons to buy Xiaomi Phone from Aliexpress

When you are looking to buy a Xiaomi phone online, considering Aliexpress reviews is a better option. The daily buyers leave vital information when they compare Aliexpress with Amazon customer service. Everyone knows that Aliexpress offers prices that are budget-friendly because it operates on a large scale. Million of sellers around the world compete to offer the best rates for Xiaomi phones. Aliexpress coupons are famous for receiving further discounts. You can buy anything from Aliexpress using its website that showcases your country. It is one of the benefits of buying a phone at Aliexpress.

Aliexpress review

Reasons why not to buy from Aliexpress

Comparing the Aliexpress reviews and Amazon customer service, we can see that Aliexpress offers slow deliveries. It can take weeks before your package arrives, and this can be frustrating. However, you will not find better prices than the ones on Aliexpress. Alibaba owns Aliexpress and is famous for its low price products. It is why buying a Xiaomi phone from Aliexpress is a better option if you can wait that long. So, the returning of products also takes a long time. Thus, you can decide whether to go for a product you can buy at a low rate or get it sooner.

Features of Aliexpress:

  • Many of the products come with no shipping charge.
  • You can avail many discount coupons when you shop at Aliexpress.
  • There is no limit to a minimum quantity for buying products. You can buy a single or a bunch of goods.
  • The user interface of the website is easy to navigate and in almost all global languages.
  • Many countries are on the website list for finding local vendors.
  • The price of the products is lower than other online retail stores.
  • There are no hurdles for shipping products.
  • It takes a long time to ship and deliver the goods.
  • All you have to do is to hit the buy button for buying the products. There is no need to interact with manufacturers.
  • During the yearly sales, Aliexpress offers discounts up to 50% off the original price.
  • You can communicate with the seller to avail more discounts.
  • There is a wish list for bookmarking products for buying later.
  • At Aliexpress, you will find millions of products because it connects millions of sellers with buyers.

Why should you buy a Xiaomi phone from Amazon?

Amazon customer service responds fast and serves better than that of Aliexpress. Aliexpress reviews show that besides the low prices, the quality of the products is questionable. However, Amazon offers better quality products but at a higher price. People love shopping from Amazon because of its fast deliveries. You do not have to wait in a queue for weeks like that of Aliexpress. Thus, the returns also process quicker, and you have assurances. If you become an Amazon Prime member, you will avail extra benefits. One of the advantages is that it offers free shipping.

Reasons not to buy from Amazon

The economies of the world are on a declining trend because of coronavirus. People are low on budget and want to buy the best of products. At Amazon, prices are higher than those on Aliexpress. Thus, people like shopping for lesser price goods at Aliexpress. Alibaba competes well because of this reason. So, you will find a little higher rate for a Xiaomi phone at Amazon. However, comparing Aliexpress reviews and Amazon customer service, Amazon wins at delivering quicker.

Features of Amazon:

  • On Amazon, you will find full detail of product specifications and features. These descriptions offer an insight into the traits of the goods.
  • You will find many types of hot deals that attract customers worldwide.
  • Amazon is known to ship products quicker than other online stores.
  • Amazon customer service responds quickly, and it is easier to return faulty goods.
  • It portrays a lot of visual images for the goods it sells.
  • There are many discount deals for customers to avail themselves of on Amazon.
  • You will find a lot of product variations on Amazon. It helps the sellers to offer a variety of useful products to potential buyers.
  • The premium membership of Amazon Prime allows free shipments of the goods you buy. It also offers other beneficial services.
  • You can add as many items to the wish list for purchasing later.
  • If you want SMS alerts, you can subscribe to them on Amazon.
  • There are a lot of promotions for sellers and buyers.
  • The website will help you in searching for the products by recommendations.

Xiaomi official store at Aliexpress

Like all the famous brands, Xiaomi also owns its store at Aliexpress. You can avail many top buying deals when shopping at Aliexpress. Thus, Xiaomi offers the best deals for its buyers to buy a Xiaomi phone. You can visit the official Xiaomi store at Aliexpress and purchase a phone at the best price possible. Every new year, Xiaomi offers budget-friendly deals to sell its products faster. Thus, you can take advantage of this and buy a phone for yourself at Aliexpress.

Sale Deals at Aliexpress for Xiaomi Phones


  • You will find many best buy deals on Aliexpress.
  • The prices are the lowest you will find comparing elsewhere.
  • Annual and holiday sales for products with coupons.


  • The delivery can take a long time.
  • You will have no assurance of the quality of the products.
  • The customer care service takes a long time to respond.

Xiaomi official store at Amazon

There are seasonal and annual sale deal offers on Amazon for Xiaomi products. The official store of Xiaomi at Amazon offers better amazon customer service. It shows in many Aliexpress reviews that customers favor the fast delivery of Amazon. You can visit the official Xiaomi store to look for a Xiaomi phone at Amazon. There is a reason why people around the world trust Amazon. Amazon has some strict checks for the sellers to not compromise on the quality of the products. Thus, you can buy Xiaomi products from Amazon with confidence.

Xiaomi Phones at Amazon


  • No compromise on the quality of the products.
  • Fast delivery times.
  • Amazon customer service is one of the best among online sellers.


  • The prices are higher.
  • You can find products to be not available.

Should you buy a Xiaomi phone from Aliexpress or Amazon?

Aliexpress offers a better price range and many best buy deals. If you can afford to wait for a week or so, buying a Xiaomi phone from Aliexpress seems a viable option. You can also use coupons for buying Xiaomi products at discounts. Aliexpress reviews present happy customers because of budget-friendly deals. However, Amazon delivers the products in less time. They also favor Amazon customer service. So, it will depend on your patience and budget.

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